Coastal Scents 32 Lip Color Palette

Hello guys!

I hope you are doing great and you are very curios to know more about Coastal Scents Lip color palette, because I will now jump right into the review.

When I started to create my freelance makeup artist kit one of the products that I researched a lot were lip products. As I knew that I will have to carry all the products with myself I wanted to have everything as portable and easy-to-carry-around as possible. There were a lot of ideas regards to lip products – whether to buy Sleek 4 Lipstick palettes, or single lip colors from different brands and then put them in empty lipstick palette or to buy lipstick palette itself. After many hours of calculations and researching I finally decided to order Coastal Scents lip color palette. I was very skeptical about the quality until I got my hands on it.

BH Cosmetics 32 Lip color Palette

As you can see, the color range is very nice – there are some natural tones, red and pink tones, brown and even coral tones. I was very impressed about that, but my concern was about the quality. After my first swatch I was literally shocked, not to say more…They are sooo pigmented and creamy, on the lips they feel amazing and even lasting is pretty impressive (after I swatched few of the colors on my hand and left them there for an hour, I literally had to rub my hand to be able to take it off).

Worth to mention – not all of them are lip sticks. There are few shimmery lip glosses, some frosty lip glosses and very pigmented lip glosses. I hope it makes sense to you 🙂 In the picture you can actually see which ones are totally lip glosses (they have a little bit of silver sparkles). For you to be able to see the pigmentation of these lip colors, I did the swatches on my lips for ALL the colors, which you can see in the following pictures (all the lip color swatches has been made in the same order as they are placed in the palette).

1. part

3. part

4. part

As you can see the pigmentation is amazing and the finish of them are just like a regular lipstick – creamy. They are not sticky, they don’t have a bad smell. They are just nice!

If we talk about the packaging, it weights only 21.4 grams (because it is made from plastic) so it is easy to carry it around. Product amount in pots are ok, but could be a bit more. Overall, no big issues with it.

Price: I got it from the Webpage and the price was £19.95. I still had to pay almost £5 for shipping so the total was almost £25. In my opinion the price is adequate and I do not regret buying it, because it is much easier for me to find matching color for specific make up from the palette, then having 32 single lip sticks which I should open up each by each.

So my overall thoughts are only positive. If you think you could have a benefit from the palette, as I do, then I would not stop you from trying it out. Of course, you can not compare these lip colors with high-end lip products, but for the price I think you are getting more then expected.

I hope you found this review helpful and interesting to read 🙂

Thanks for stepping by and have a good day!

♥ Marika


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