INGLOT eye shadows and blushes

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This time I would like to share my thoughts + swatches of INGLOT eye shadows and blushes that I own. INGLOT as a brand has been founded in Poland and has become very popular all over the world, so I was happy to check out all these amazing and colorful products that they have.

In the first time when I went to check the store itself I wanted to check the assortment and find the first few start-out eye shadow colors for my freelance work. I got lost after 5 min. There is a huge range of eye shadows sorted out by colors. To make it easier you will be able to take a freedom system board and place there all the colors you would like to pick, so that you don’t have to remember all of the numbers by hart. It is also a cool way to check – whether your picked colors actually match together.

After a long search I decided to pick up eye shadows by following ranges: neutral, grey and colorful. For neutral and grey colors I picked one all-over eye shadow color, transition shade and crease color. Basically – to be able to make the whole eye look + few random colors. For colorful ones I chose the base ones: yellow, red, green, blue and purple. After I had tried them for some time I went back to the store and bought more eye shadows to fill in my freedom system palette. In the picture below you can see my first full INGLOT eye shadow palette.

INGLOT Eye shadow Palette

These eye shadows are very pigmented and not chalky. As there are many types of finishes for these shadows (you can check the details of types further in the review), I made swatches for almost each type, so that you could see not only the pigmentation, but how the finishes look like when they are swatched.

153 AMC Shine 340 Matte

605 Pearl      504 DS

As you can see in the pictures, there are no names for eye shadows. On the eye shadow pan is written only number, but on INGLOT website – also type. To be honest, not all of them were clear to me, so next time when I was in the store I asked for explanation (see below):

Matte (I think it is clear and understandable)
Pearl (these eye shadows are slightly shimmery)
DS (Double Sparkle. These eye shadows has a satin finish with a dose of fine glitters)
AMC (Advanced Makeup Component. Most of the eye shadows from this collection has matte base with glitters. Also, these eye shadows contain vitamin E, is talc-free and perspiration resistant)
AMC Shine (Letters are described above + shine. These eye shadows are the same as simple AMC, but with a more sheen (shimmery, frosty). To sum up, I definitely

As you saw in the pictures, single eye shadows come in a pretty huge size. BUT, there is another option. There are so called “Rainbow” eye shadows where each eye shadow pan consist of one color in 3 different shades (see picture below). Also these eye shadows come in matte and shimmery finishes.

110R Matte

You can fill in your eye shadow palette only with these Rainbow colors and you will have a wide range of shades. Worth to mention – they do cost a little bit more then single eye shadow. If I am not mistaken – EUR 1.50 more.

But now finally to my thoughts. In the beginning when I started to use these shadows I was not that impressed about few colors, which were not pigmented enough. But when I used it more and more, shadows came a bit more softer and easier to apply. Those ones who has AMC Shine finish are much softer and smoother. Double sparkle ones – could be a bit chalky. But overall, I do like them A LOT. It is easy to blend them and pigmentation is amazing. Shimmery shadows are very nice – not too much and not too less shimmers. Just perfect amount. For the size of each eye shadow pan the price is AMAZING. They will last for a long time so 5 EUR ( or 5£ or 7$) is not expensive and is affordable.

About the packaging…You can buy each single eye shadow in a box, but you also have a chance to buy a freedom system palette. Palettes are magnetic and with different sizes – for 1 eye shadow, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 and 40 eye shadows. When you place single eye shadows in the palette, they do not move, so it is safe for travelling. Sales adviser in the store told me that it is hard to take them out and the best way is with tweezers. BUT I found my own way for that – as the palette cover has a small magnets in each corner and each eye shadow has a metallic sides, by sliding magnet over the eye shadow pan side, it will stick to the cover and you can safely take it out. And no damage!

If you have Z palettes (which are just a little bit cheaper) you can stick the eye shadows there, but in my opinion INGLOT freedom system palettes are much safer, looks more professional and also – you have a chance to stick all the INGLOT palettes together!! In my opinion, it is a great idea about freedom system palette, because you can customize it in your own way and when you are out of any color, you can always refill it.

The same principle goes for INGLOT blushes and sculpting powders – you can put them in freedom system palette and there are different finishes (please see the picture below).

INGLOT Blushes and HD Sculpting Powder For beginning I chose two blushes – one is more like pinky mauve (Nr 28) and the other one sparkly coral color (Nr 34). In my opinion it is enough to have these colors, because these are the most wearable ones. On the left side there is one HD Sculpting Powder (Nr 504). As I was told, this is the most popular color which will suit almost everyone and I do agree. It gives a very natural shadow to the face due to grey undertone. Both – blushes and powder – glides on the face very smooth and it is very easy to blend them. Pigmentation is very good, so make sure you do not cross the board. A little goes a long way.

Overall, I am very satisfied with these products. For the price, quality, amount, color range and freedom system palette option it is worth to check them out and try yourself. You will not regret! 🙂

Let me know if there is anything else you want to know about these products in the comment section below and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Thanks for stepping by and have a nice day 🙂


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