Red Carpet Survival Kit

Hi Everyone!

This review will be on the “Red Carpet Survival Kit” from Whitening Lightning. If you are not familiar with this company, go and check out their website, because it is not only about whitening products for your teeth. The founder/CEO (Jennifer Gerard) of the Whitening Lightning came up with her own cosmetic line called “Gerard Cosmetics”, that includes a lot of make up products – lip glosses, lipsticks and other good stuff. You can get Gerard cosmetic products in the website too, but there are some good deals in Whitening Lightning page, that combines teeth whitening products + make up. And this Kit that I got is one of the examples.

This Kit consists of:
– Teeth Whitening Pen (you can choose “Super Booster Whitening Pen” or “Zero Whitening Pen”) (price: 29$)
– Lip Gloss (which color you prefer) (price: 24$)
– Brow Bar To Go (one from 2 shades) (price 28$)
– Illuminating BB Cream (price 36$)

As you can see, if I would buy each product separately it would cost for me 117$. Due to incredibly good deal from Whitening Lightning I got it for only 35$, which is amazing. 35$ for all these products was MORE then GREAT, so I could not pass it by. So now, let’s start with the review of all the products included in this Kit.

Brow bar to go

As you can see in the picture, the bar consists of two powder shades and one wax (colored) + small angle brush (which is actually a good one). There are 2 brow bars available – “Blonde to Brunette” and “Medium to Ebony”. I picked up the lightest one and the reason for that was not only to match my eyebrow and hair color, but also to be able to use the lightest shade as a transition shade on eyelids and the darkest shade as a contouring color for my face.

I do think that the powders are very smooth and pigmented and could be used for different reasons. Regards to wax – not a big fan of it. It works as a wax, but it won’t keep my eyebrows in place for the whole day. But in general – I do like the product. Even more if we look at the price comparing to the amount of product you get. In the next picture you can see my brow before and after using this bar.

Brow Bar To Go - Blonde to Brunette - look

If you want intense look like you see in the picture, at first apply wax all over the eyebrow and then fill it in with powder. If you want just a hint of color and have it more natural looking, exclude wax and use only powder.

BB Plus Illumination Creme

BB Plus Illumination Creme

This product has become very popular all over the world, so I was very curious to try it on myself too. As it is described in Gerard Cosmetics website, this product can be used for different purposes: as a cream highlighter, used alone or by mixing with foundation/cream. As the name of the product already describes, it is an illuminating product in a cream consistency. It has a golden undertone with a lot of sparkles to make your face look more youthful and glowing.

As far as I have tried it, I really like it. It blends very easily with cream foundation and it gives a very nice glow to the face. Although, I would not recommend to use it too much, because otherwise you will look too shiny and that is not the goal of this product. Below you can see the swatch of it and you will see how bronze and sparkling this product is.

BB plus Illuminator Cream Swatche

Zero Whitening Pen

Zero Whitening Pen

Whitening Lightning offers several options for teeth whitening at home and this is one of them. I have purchased before the Dial a Smile Professional Teeth Whitening Kit too (about which I will make a review later on), but I was not that satisfied with the result. You have to be aware that the result can differ depending on your teeth condition and natural brightness threshold. I know that there are a lot of people to whom it has worked amazingly – with one use even 3 or more shades lighter teeth. So just give it a try, if you haven’t already. It doesn’t cost that much, even more when all the great deals are around.

As the Dial a Smile Kit didn’t work on my teeth, I wanted to give a try to these Whitening Pens which you can easily throw in the bag and use them in order to maintain the brilliant smile. Basically, you just need to dry off the teeth with towel or tissue and paint a small amount of the product on to the desired teeth. Then smile wide for about 60 sec and only after several hours you have to rinse it off. For most of the times people tend to do that before sleep and rinse off in the morning. I prefer that to. It does not burn your mouth or tastes bad. Not at all.

As far as I have tried I could say that I like this product. I would not use it as a permanent whitening tool, because it is not as strong and effective as the Professional Whitening Kit, but as a little booster – yes. After using it several times I didn’t felt any sensitivity or burning. I have noticed a small difference in the color of my teeth, but as I said before – it depends on the teeth natural brightness threshold. My teeth can’t go super white, but I can go a little bit lighter and that is also good and necessary for me.

Gerard Cosmetics Lip Gloss

I can not say any bad word about it. It is just perfect! For a GLOSS, the pigmentation is phenomenal. Also the range of colors is amazing. I got mine in “Shimmer of Hope”, which is the nice nude color for everyday wear. For those who are not aware of these lip glosses, there is a one huge + for these. There is a light and mirror embedded in the packaging, so you could reapply your lip gloss anywhere, even in a dark room. Fantastic! Below you can see the close up for the “Shimmer of hope”.

Worth to mention – even though these lip glosses has a very thick consistency, they do not feel sticky on your lips and wears a long time. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. Even though the price for one lipstick is 24$, which is not that cheap, there are a lot of good deals quite often and you can get it in the Kit like I did or in a bundle of other lip glosses or lip sticks for a good price.

I am very happy that I picked up this kit. I would recommend to check out these great deals, that Whitening Lightening is offering, of course, if you are interested in the products. Good quality for good price!

Thanks for reading my post and I hope you to see in my next one!



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