Makeup Geek eye shadows

Obsession with an eye shadows? With a good ones – totally! That’s why I want to share my experience with Makeup Geek eye shadows, about which probably huge % of people around the world has heard about (including myself) 🙂

As soon as I found out about this brand, I knew I wanna try some of the products, but I always calmed myself down and didn’t purchase anything due to high custom duty that I have to pay in my country. However, my patience ended sooner than I expected and I did purchase 8 eyeshadows.

Makeup Geek eye shadow singlesMakeup Geek eye shadow swatches 1Makeup Geek eye shadow swatches 2

Let me say straight up – stunning colors, very soft and creamy, high pigmentation, not chalky. I think that’s all you would want to expect from good quality eyeshadows! 😉 Now I see why there was such a hype around these eyeshadows!

Now more detailed info about the packaging and product itself. The whole bundle came very well packaged, as well as each eye shadow pan was in a separate package (you can see that in the header pic). From my side it was already a positive feedback to Makeup Geek, cause you have a feeling of receiving a good quality product. If anyone is interested – package from USA to Latvia came for about 12 working days, although it should have been faster, but as it went through the Custom (where they kept it for 5 days), it took more then expected.

The product itself deserves a huge applause! By touch you can already feel how well this product is made, how soft and silky it is and the main part – how pigmented. By swatches you probably may think that the lightest shades doesn’t seem that pigmented, but it’s not like that. Problem is – I am not that tanned 😀 + not always camera can display the real colors and pigmentation. They are not chalky and it is easy to blend them out or blend together with another color. I think I just can’t stop saying good words about this product.

The price for one eye shadow is 6$ which in my opinion is very affordable, specially, if you don’t have to pay huge shipping costs and custom duties. You may think – there are some drugstore eye shadow palettes or high end eye shadow palettes where the price per one color is cheaper then this. Yes, it is true! But you have to look at the product itself. Are they creamy and pigmented enough? What’s the size of the pan? Can you customize your own palette? Can you replace any eye shadow when it’s gone? By putting all of that into scales, you can find the best product for your individual preferences.

As always, leave your thoughts, recommendations, questions etc in the comment section below annnnddd see you in my next post!




6 thoughts on “Makeup Geek eye shadows

    1. Exactly! And the main thing is that due to high pigmentation, you will need less product. If you buy smth cheaper and more chalky, you will need more product and basically spend the same amount of money! 🙂

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