NYX Ultra Pearl Mania

Hey there!

It has been some time when I published any post, but I would like to stress out that you can follow me on facebook page Beauty by Marika where I am and will post any makeup looks that I have created on myself or friends or anyone else (that I do not post here in my blog). Sometimes I just simply don’t have inspiration to write a post, so I express myself in creating a makeup look. That’s what happened previous week, so there was nothing new here in my blog.

But now let’s get to the point! As you see from the title and picture, I have purchased some loose powders from NYX called “NYX Ultra Pearl Mania”. The reason was – I wanted to make more brighter and shiny makeup looks. As these are very affordable I took a chance to try them out. Below you can see all the colors I own.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania NamesNYX Ultra Pearl Mania 1NYX Ultra Pearl Mania 2

And now swatches of all the colors. P.s. – I didn’t use any base, primer or fixing spray beneath. I simply took a brush, dabbed it in the containers and swatched them on my hand right after.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania swatches

As you can see, all of them, of course, are shimmery (cause it says Pearl on each container right?!) 😀 Was I impressed with the colors – yes I was. There were few containers where the loose powder inside was not that loose (it was a bit stuck in like cone form, if that that makes any sense :D), which made me think that it was not a fresh product. It probably stood in the shelf for quite a long time. However, it didn’t affect the color payoff or texture so I guess that’s fine.

I think the color payoff without any fixing spray or primer already looks good, but of course, it is quite hard to work with shimmery loose powders or eye shadows itself, cause they will literally be everywhere – on your cheeks, on your hands, on your desk etc etc.. So I would suggest to use any kind of product that will make the product more tacky or wetter so you can make the application easier. I tried to use MAC Fix + for that and in the picture below you will see the comparison of using the eye shadows itself and with fixing spray.. Huge difference!

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Ocean Blue Pearl SwatcheThis is the Nr 10 Ocean Blue Pearl color. Totally different texture by using a Fix +. Though, I would suggest to use small amounts for mixing, cause when you mix quite a lot of loose powder with Fix + (or any other product), once it will dry out you will have a lot of product fallout’s. Basically, the first layer will settle down, but the upper layer will simply dry out and you would see a little chunks of eye shadow peeling off. Better to layer it up. And this rule is working not only for this product application, but for all makeup products, cause, first of all, less is more, secondly – you can always build it up! 😉

In my upcoming posts I will talk about another KIKO Milano products I have purchased, but I would like to mention one of them that works amazingly together with these loose powder eye shadows. And it is called Mixing Solution. It is basically meant for mixing loose powder eye shadows. Picture of the product below.

KIKO Milano Mixing Solution

This one worked even better the MAC Fix +, cause it is not a spray, you can simply take how many drops you needs and it dries on your lids faster. Aaand, it keeps the product in place for whole day!! I tried to create a look with one of the loose eye shadows and here is the outcome.

Turquise makeup look 4

I used the Nr 14 Turquoise Pearl on my lids and I think the result is amazing. Pigmentation is simply stunning, so I will keep playing with these colors and create even more and more looks. If you will follow me on Facebook page, you will be able to see all the makeup looks I have created so far and ofc, I will keep doing that, so if you are interested, I will be glad to interact with you also in Facebook 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post and as always – let’s keep in touch if you want to talk about this products even more, ask questions or tell your experience 🙂

Have a wonderful day and see you later 😉



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