The Balm “Mary Lou-Manizer” highlighter


Although it is the end of summer, we still have enough time to glow and look very summery and fresh! That’s why I wanted to share my thoughts on The Balm “Mary Lou-Manizer” highlighter about what I had heard so many good reviews…and I couldn’t say something else.

Before I got into makeup world fully, I thought that there is one product I don’t even want to try – highlighter. However, I saw more and more post and videos regarding highlighters, so I decided to try one out. Although there is nothing much to learn of highlighter application, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money and realize – I really don’t see any value in this product! So I bought E.L.F. baked highlighter..I suppose it is a good product, but mine was dried out so I had to scratch the products, to be able to grab at least some of the highlight. I was done with that after few days so I searched for another highlighter, that is more high end and supposed to stay for a long time. I picked up The Balm “Mary Lou-Manizer” highlight.

Mary Lou-Manizer highlightMary Lou-Manizer highlight 1Mary Lou-Manizer highlight 2Mary Lou-Manizer highlight 3

As this is the first product I own from The Balm cosmetics, packaging and the description of the product totally caught my eyes. Very thoughtful. And let’s be real – the same I can say about the product itself. It has a champagne color with a loooooot of shimmers. BUT, when you swatch it or apply to the face, it turns to a nice sheen. No sign from shimmers or chunky pieces. It glides on very smooth and makes your skin look very fresh, youthful. It simply accentuates face features.

I use this product not only as a highlighter on the highest points of my face, but also as an eye shadow and eye inner corner highlight to brighten up my eyes. It works amazing in all ways. And the main thing – little goes a long way. So it is definitely a good investment!

Sorry that I don’t have any pictures to show you how it looks on the face, but in case I will have one, I will add it here.

Thanks for stepping by 😉 hope to see you in my next post too!



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