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This post is for those, who are interested in comparison between Catrice and Essence Lip Liners. In my previous review about Catrice Lip Liners (link: Catrice Lip Liners), I received a question from one follower asking: “How would you compare Catrice with Essence lip liners?”. Thanks, Harivain, for such question. For that I am creating this review.

As soon as I got this question, I went straight to the closest drugstore and bought 5 shades of Essence Lip Liners. You can see my picked colors below.

Essence Lip LinersEssence Lip Liners 1Essence Lip Liners 2Essence Lip Liners 3

Swatches starting from the bottom:

  1. 11 In The Nude – light neutral color. Looks very natural on the lips.
  2. 12 Wish Me a Rose – light pink color. Even though it is light, but bright, it looks very soft
  3. 06 Satin Mauve – probably one of my favorite colors. It looks natural on the lips, but with a hint of pink and brown. For those, who have pigmented lips – this would be like “your lips, but better”
  4. 15 Honey Berry – only color that comes out different than it should be if we look at the packaging color. However, very nice berry color. Perfect for spring time.
  5. 05 Soft Berry – and this is perfect for Fall. A hint of mauve, brown and pink. Love it!

I tried these liners for several days, to be able to review them (although, probably I should have wait a bit more). So let’s go straight to product review and comparison to Catrice Lip Liners.

These liners are very cheap, so anyone can afford them. They are very soft in touch and also, when you apply them on lips. Pigmentation is very good, it doesn’t feel heavy on your lips (cause some liners can leave a very thick and uncomfortable feeling) so you can leave it as it is or apply you favorite lipstick or lip gloss. Also, it lasts on the lips for a very long time and are smudge proof. When I tried it, I had lunch afterwards + I drunk a lot of water, but even after that, I still had it on my lips. Of course, it had disappeared from the middle part of my lips, but everywhere else – still on.

If I compare Essence and Catrice Lip Liners, I would point out things like:

  • Longwearing      ⇒ both wears for a long time
  • Pigmentation     ⇒ both are pigmented, but I would say – Essence beats Catrice
  • Application         ⇒ easy with both liners, but Essence Lip liners are a bit softer though
  • Color range         ⇒ Essence has 8 colorful shades + 1 transparent. Catrice – 12 shades
  • Price                     ⇒ Catrice liners cost 2EUR, Essence – 1 EUR
  • Features              ⇒ Catrice liners – waterproof, Essence – smudge-proof

These are the things I would stress out regarding both brands. It depends what are your preferences, want and need. If I would have to choose one brand, I think I might stick to Essence, cause it is cheaper, softer and I prefer more smudge-proof effect than waterproof. BUT, in case if I would need more shades for Lip Liners, I would grab some of Catrice ones, cause they offer a bit more shades than Essence.

I hope this post was useful for anyone 🙂 I was actually excited to do such comparison, cause I end up liking this product which will save my money – 2 TIMES 😀 I am open to any other comparisons, but taking into consideration that there are limited brands available in my country, so I might not be able to get everything.

That’s it for this review! 🙂 See you in my next one. Have an awesome day 🙂

~ Marika


13 thoughts on “Essence Lip Liners

  1. I’ve a soft berry but I’m not impressed with it’s application and texture. Also want to try Satin Mauve. Anyway, Kiko lipliners are way better and cost 2€ but if they are on the sale u can find it for 1€

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    1. Yes, I agree 🙂 I have made a review on KIKO Lipliners too and they are GREAT, but you can’t get it in the drugstore right? And that’s the sad point.
      And about these liners – yes, they differ in softness a bit, so that’s why the application could differ too.

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      1. Yeah, they are available only in Kiko shops 😦 I also can recommend u Bourjouis and Pupa lipliners but of course they are more expensive. As I remember, the last time I’ve bought Bourjouis it cost 6€ or even 7€ (7 Essence lipliners ha-ha)

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      2. I haven’t heard about Pupa brand so far! Thanks, I will check that out (although, I think it is not available in my country).
        About Bourjouis – it is a nice brand, so I totally believe you that their lip liners are nice, however, never tried. But at least – I will take a look at them, cause they sometimes come out with very unique shades 🙂

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  2. Thanks for sharing this Marika! Good to know… I think I’ll pick up some shades from Catrice as well to review on my blog! Your pictures are so beautiful by the way! Thanks for giving me a shout-out! ❤


    1. If you, by any chance, can get KIKO Milano lip liners, take those. From my experience, these are the best lip liners I have had so far, and on sale they cost around 1,20 eur. Even if You need to order from website, its still affordable 😉


      1. I was actually going to ask about Kiko lip liners because I read the comments above. I also just checked their website and the smart lip pencil is on sale for £1.70!! Will most likely place an order for them hehe, thanks again ☺️

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