MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer

Hey guys! I know, this is not a new product AT ALL, but as I am posting in my blog all the things I love, I can’t skip a review on this. Also, I have tried out this product on my friends and models (for photography), so I have seen how this product performs on different skin types. Here will be some pictures of the concealers I own.

MAC Pro-longwear concealerMAC Pro-longwear concealer 1 MAC Pro-longwear concealer 2

Together there are 16 shades for this particular concealer, which I think is very good, because the range of color goes from very light to quite dark. As I just wanted to try them out on myself, I took two shades: one lighter and one darker (so I can mix them up when I get a bit tanner). So the shades I picked up were NC15 and NC42. NC 15 is the lightest color and NC42 I would say is the one of the 4 darkest shades.

Concealer comes in a glass tube with a pump. Well, I find there a little downside. Glass tube is not the best, whether you are travelling and using it at home, because whenever it will fall down to the ground, it will smash. Another thing – pump. On one hand, it is good that it has it, because you can easily get the product out, but on the other hand, it pumps out too much product. This concealer has a very thick consistency and you don’t need much to cover up any blemish or under eye area. With this pump you will waste a lot of product. What I tend to do in such situations – I squeeze the pump in my fingers and very lightly press the pump, so that it comes out much less than it would normaly.

Because it is a long wear concealer, make sure you moisturize your under eye area or skin itself before using it. I mostly use my fingers to put it on the areas where I need it and then going in with a beauty blender or concealer brush. Be aware – a little goes a long way. Too much product can make it look cakey.

To be honest – it really lasts for a long time. Conceals nicely, doesn’t set into my fine lines underneath the eyes and has a very good coverage. From all the concealers I have tried, I do like this the most, because it does its job.

..and here goes BUT. This product works so good on my skin, so I tried it also to other people and from what I have noticed – if you have a lot of so called “smile lines” around the eyes, I would not recommend to use this product to cover dark circles, or at least in the area where you have them. I have noticed that it sets into fine lines pretty quickly, even if I set it with a powder right after. But this is just my experience…

Another thing – because of the thickness, it is not that easy to mix up two different shades. I would better recommend you to buy the most suitable shade for you, because that will save not only your money, but also a product (by mixing two shades you can always by mistake squeeze too much of a product).

To sum up – I do like this product a lot. I would recommend it to use for photo shoots, bridal make up and everyday make up if you use just a little bit to have a natural look. It costs 19 EUR which is pretty expensive, but I am saving it for special occasions or use just a slightest bit, so for me it lasts pretty long time.

I hope you liked this post and if you have any suggestions how to work with this product if there are a lot of smile lines, let me know. I will appreciate that, cause blog is a place where we can share our thoughts and help each other 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend!



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