Make Up For Ever Face & Body Liquid Make-up

Hey there!
I have decided to do a foundation month. Every Sunday I will give a review of some kind of foundation I own and tried. Foundations are one of those products that I review least, although, it might be one of the most important product when it comes to makeup. So for this week I decided to write my thoughts about Make Up For Ever Face and Body Liquid Make-up (foundation).

This was the first foundation that I bought for my makeup kit and I picked up two colors – the lightest one Nr. 20 (Ivory) and one a bit on the darker side Nr. 18 (Camel), to mix and match for the perfect color. The reason why it was the first choice – I read a lot of good reviews and it claimed to work good on all skin types. How did it perform on my skin and what I think about them, you can read below pictures.

MAKE UP FOREVER Face and BodyMAKE UP FOREVER Face and Body 1MAKE UP FOREVER Face and Body Swatches
To make it a bit shorter (cause I have quite a lot to say), I have put it down in Pro’s and Con’s and gave a little description of them all.

lightweight formula – once it is applied on the face and dries for about 2-3 min, you don’t feel it. It won’t become cakey too.
+ it is meant for the whole body – not all foundations will look good when applied on other parts of your body + will they last there? This foundation definitely is suitable for your body. You just need to apply light layer, wait 3 min until it dries and blot all the excess product with a tissue.
natural result – as it is mostly based on water, it is definitely not a full or even medium coverage foundation. It has a sheer coverage that you can build up a bit, but it will be mostly meant for those, who want to look fresh and as natural as possible.
it comes with a pump – which actually is also a minus, but I will tell you about that later on
long-wearing and waterproof

smell – it has a horrible frangrance and some of my friends have refused me to put this on their face. However, this smell disappears after some time, but still – you can’t enjoy this foundation application 😀
leftovers in the pump – when you squeeze the product out, after it has been used previously, first pump is basically unusable, cause the gel comes out thickened and will slide around your face if you will be pretty optimistic to use that 😀
– lightest shade is not light enough – I am pretty pale in the winter time and the lightest shade looks too dark for me + with quite a lot of pink undertone
not that easy to mix – as this is water-based gel, it is not easy to mix two different shades. I would recommend you to buy already a matching one.
– full coverage concealer? forget about it – if you have a pimple, but you want to use this product so badly, better leave it in the shelf. I have tried to use full coverage concealer below and over foundation and in both ways you could see the concealer peaking through. That’s because this foundation is very light weight and anything heavier than that will not blend together well.

Just because of it’s consistency, you need to make sure you shake this product well + check if product, that comes out from the first pump are not thickened. For this foundation I would definitely recommend to use a sponge for application.

No matter how many con’s  it has, I would use this product (I am saying WOULD, cause I don’t have a matching color), cause in most of the days I only need to even out my skin tone and such product would be suitable for me. But in case I would need a better coverage, this definitely wouldn’t be my choice. I think, those with dry and normal skin would like this product, but keep in mind the horrible smell. Smell it in the store if you have a chance. Oh, and the price – pretty expensive! I guess it was 45 Eur in my country.

I hope you like this review and idea of doing 1month with foundation reviews on Sunday’s. Have a wonderful next working week 🙂



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