Emerald Makeup Look

I am back with a new makeup look! For this look I used the Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow Nr 18 Bella Emerald. Full review on these eye shadows you can check out here: Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows.

This color perfectly suits Fall time, so I decided to combine it with warm tone brown to make the whole look very warm. I used light orange eye shadow as a transition shade and in the crease – warm tone brown (“Cocoa Bear” from Makeup Geek). As I have mentioned in the Milani review, these eye shadows you can use dry and wet. To make this look more vibrant, I sprayed a little bit of MAC Fix+ onto the eye shadow brush and the dipped in the Emerald color. So here is the look I have created 🙂 I hope you like it! 🙂

Emerald Green Makeup Look 1Emerald Green Makeup Look 2Emerald Green Makeup Look 3Emerald Green Makeup Look 4


3 thoughts on “Emerald Makeup Look

    1. I am using the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder in the color Ash. I love this product. It takes like 1 min to do my brows with it and looks natural. About mascara – I think I mixed the Loreal Telescopic with Loreal Mega Volume Miss Manga. But I think this time something didn’t work out with my lashes, no volume and no curl. :/
      And thanks 😉

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