RCMA Foundation / Concealer palette & No-Color Powder

Hey guys!
To be able to review this product it took me several months…At first I was excited about it, then I hated it, but then once I found out how to use it properly, I loved it! So now I finally feel comfortable to tell you what I think, how does it works, how does it differ from other foundation and all the other small details you should know about this product.

I purchased this product just because I had heard a lot of good things about it, plus I thought – it is so convenient to travel around with one palette, not several bottles of foundation when you are doing makeup on someone. There were two options – palette VK11 which is meant for people with lighter skin tone, and VK10 for deeper skin tones. Of course, I took VK11, cause here in Latvia we don’t have a lot of people with very deep skin tones, so mostly I would use it on light complexion. Here will be pictures of it!

RCMA Foundation_Concealer paletteRCMA Foundation_Concealer palette 1

About the product:
There are some very important facts to say: 1) it has 50% pigmentation; 2) it is made with plant waxes, plant seed oils and no minerals; 3) it’s vegan! As these foundations has wax based formula, it means you have to warm it up before you apply it. Every single pot is hand-poured which makes it pretty special. Also, it is famous with it’s high pigmentation so you will need just a slightest bit to cover your whole face. You can easily build it up to full coverage or sheer it out when mixing with moisturizer or special foundation thinner. It is very easy to build up this foundation, cause it won’t set until you set it! For that I use the RCMA No-color powder, about what I’m gonna talk later on. Oh, another thing – this is foundation/CONCEALER palette! Amazing right?

RCMA Foundation_Concealer palette 2_RCMA Foundation_Concealer palette swatches

Color range:
As you can see in the pictures, this VK11 palette has a very nice range of colors – warm, neutral and cool. In the first upper line are more warm tone colors, in the second – warm and light cool colors, and in the third line – more neutral colors. The Porcelain color is almost white, so you can use it to make any of other colors lighter if you need. Also – for lighter skin tones the S-1 color (in the third line, second from the right side) is PERFECT for contouring, cause it has a grey undertone and looks so natural on the skin. What I have noticed – darker colors are a bit creamier than lighter ones, but it doesn’t mean it is harder to work with them. VK10 palette, as I said previously, is more for deeper skin tones + there are more colors with pink undertone (as far as it looks in the pictures). You can check out both palettes here.

This was the biggest struggle for me and the reason to review it after several months πŸ˜€ Even though I watched Kevin James Bennett video of how to apply it (you can check it out here), I still struggled with it and I felt like I have wasted my money…But now, what I can say – you have to do just like he says in the video. Scoop out a little bit of the product, warm it up and then apply it on to the face. Use foundation brush with synthetic bristles to spread the product. You can also gently mist the brush with setting spray to make it easier to spread it out. BUT, don’t use damp sponge, cause water + wax doesn’t work together. You can try to use dry sponge, but foundation brush will work just fine πŸ™‚ Application will definitely take more time then using a liquid foundation, but it will look very natural + you can mix and match for your perfect color just by carrying ONE palette! Once you have applied it, set it with a no color powder/translucent powder (cause you don’t need more coverage then 50% that provides this foundation right? :D). Down below is a picture of RCMA No-color powder.

RCMA No color powder_

There is a LOT of product inside and it works amazingly. I always apply this powder with a damp sponge in my T-zone and with a powder brush all over the face. I have never seen my concealer creasing under the eyes or oil peaking through in the T-zone! It is magical πŸ™‚

RCMA palette is definitely not cheap. I ordered it from the websiteΒ love-makeupΒ and it was approximately 77 EUR and powder – 12 EUR (which is a steal, cause check out how much product is there!!!).

Overall thoughts:Β 
It is a brilliant foundation palette for those who are doing makeup on others, cause I am not sure you could use the whole palette on yourself. The founder of the RCMA (Vincent Kehoe) referred to RCMA as a professional product for the professionals only and people believe that Mr. Kehoe never wished to create a cosmetic brand for the masses. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase it πŸ˜‰ The only thing you need to remember – you may not be able to use all shades on yourself. If that doesn’t bother you, go for it! You won’t be disappointed! However, I don’t know how this product works on oily skin, cause there are lot’s of oil inside. Maybe it is worth to simply purchase matching color separately and see how it works. Oh, oh, also – once you try out all the colors in the palette and you see that only few shades are needed in you makeup kit, you can purchase each shade separately πŸ™‚

Sorry, for a LOT of information, but there are so many details to talk about so you could understand the way this product works. I recommend to watch the video I previously mentioned to see this palette in action πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading πŸ™‚



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    1. Supposed to…However, I haven’t tried it on oily skin. But anyway – if we look at all the possible ways you can use it (sheer, liquid, cream) and as well as instead of concealer, probably it beats all the other foundations for this amount of money πŸ™‚

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