INGLOT HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

Greetings in the first Advent 🙂 I hope you have your own Advent Wreath, some hot wine, gingerbread and good mood! 🙂 I have kept my promise of reviewing foundations every Sunday in November, so for the last Sunday in this month I have picked up the INGLOT HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. I have mentioned it in several makeup looks, so I think it is time to say what I think.

INGLOT HD Perfect Coverup FoundationINGLOT HD Perfect Coverup Foundation 1INGLOT HD Perfect Coverup Foundation 2

About the product: as the name already says, it is HD foundation that contains HD pigments. It’s ideal for everyday use and also for filming in high definition, ensuring the face looks flawless even on a big screen. It has a natural matte finish (although, a lot of people are saying that it is totally matte), that prevents your skin from excess shine. It has a long lasting and good coverage, but it doesn’t feel heavy. Enriched with white truffle extract that keeps the skin moisture balanced. Suitable for sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic. It comes in 17 different shades and what I love about that – there are several ones with neutral and yellow undertone (even for light ones). It also has a bit of a scent, sweet scent and you kinda feel it for quite some time.

Packaging: there are 35ml of product, which is 5ml more than most of the foundations. Packaging is made from very hard plastic, that makes it easier to carry around and, of course, much safer. An airless bottle keeps the product safe and will let you use it till the last drop (you can see in the pictures, that I have used it a bit, cause there is an empty line below). + It comes with a pump!!!

Inglot HD foundation swatch.

This is in the color 81 (for me, when I am tanned :D) and I would describe it as neutral color. This foundation is not lightweight, but it is not heavy too. A little bit goes a long way. Maybe you can’t see that (however, I clearly see one), there are a tiny little sparkles in it. You can’t feel them, and it won’t make you look shiny 🙂 It is just a tiny detail that provides a little bit of glow when you have matte foundation on.

Application: You can use a brush or beauty blender – in both ways it will look flawless. You can layer it up to full coverage. I have used this foundation one several people and it worked good 🙂 It didn’t look greasy, heavy or unnatural. Skin looked healthy and nice in pictures 🙂

Overall thoughts: I like this foundation. There were day’s when I got little bit oily with it in the T-zone, but I think it depends on the skin care products I’am using. Would I recommend this product to people with dry skin? I don’t know…It might enhance any flaky skin, but what I would definitely recommend – go to the Inglot Store, take a sample (they will give you a small pot and fill it in with the color you want) and try it out before buying 🙂 Ask for recommendations to the ladies in the store, cause they know how to work with it.

Price: I think it was 35 EUR. Not very cheap, but for special occasions I think it is ok.

Have a nice working week ahead and see you later 😉



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