NYX Intense Butter Glosses

Hey! 😉 This time the floor I’m giving to NYX!! As you will see in the pictures below – I’m a fan of NYX lip products (these are not all I have). I have used the regular NYX Butter Glosses for quite a long time and I love them, but as soon as I heard of the new formulation coming out, I knew that I will pick those up too. For now on I own 4 colors, but in general there are 12 shades including nude colors, pink, orange, red, mauve and plum. In the pictures Intense Butter Glosses are in the first row and one in the second (with dark silver heads).

NYX Intense Butter GlossNYX Intense Butter Gloss 1

About the product: These glosses are SUPER pigmented. With one coat you can get already the desired color payoff. They feel very smooth and soft on the lips and holds the gloss for quite a long time. It definitely leaves a stain on the lips, but I like that, cause my lips are pretty pale – so any color on them will make them look much healthier. Applicator is pretty ok, but it won’t be easy to be precise in the outer lip line. So for very precise application I would recommend to use a lip brush. However, if your lips has a nice definition, you can get along with the applicator. I personally don’t have a strong lip contour, so I have to be very precise. In the below picture you can see how all the colors look once applied on the lips.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss Swatches

  • In the first line (left side) is the color Napoleon – in the picture it looks very soft and appropriate for everyday wear, but it’s not like that. My camera couldn’t pick up the color just like it is, so from what I can tell you – it is pretty bright toned down pink color.
  • Next to it is Orangesicle – it is SUPER bright orange color, but with a hint of red color. It is perfect for summer when you are wearing just a mascara (or a bit of liner too), bronzer, highlighter and this lipstick.
  • In the second line (left side) is the color Apple Crisp – I love this color!!! It’s that perfect true red color, a bit bright though, but still looking very glam. Probably in my next makeup look post I will show you some pictures of very glam look, wearing this lipstick.
  • And the last one next to the red one is called Toasted Marshmallow – this is such a stunning color and perfect for Fall and Winter. It is pretty unique color cause there is a mix of plum color, mauve color and a hint of brown.

I have definitely chosen pretty bright colors, but as I mentioned before – there are several nude shades available. If you prefer gloss instead of matte lipsticks, this could be a very nice choice for you, cause it will not only give you a glossy finish, but also pretty intense color. No need for lipstick 😉

The ONLY thing I have noticed – it does transfer a little bit in the fine lines around my mouth. I have them quite a lot so one coat of this product is the maximum, otherwise, it will be everywhere 😀 If you have such problem like I have (fine lines around the mouth), be aware!! 😀 Maybe, in the beginning it’s worth to try only one of those colors and see how it works on you.

I will (someday) give a review on the NYX Matte Lip Creams, so stay tuned for that 😉 See ya!



8 thoughts on “NYX Intense Butter Glosses

  1. I love the Apple Crisp and Toasted Marshmallow! These are great! I usually stick to matte reds personally, but I’m definitely interested in branching out and giving these a spin — I do love NYX stuff!

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    1. Well, I probably won’t be able to wear the orange and pink color on a daily basis. Only in the summer with clothes that compliment those colors.
      About the matte ones – they will last for quite some time, but I find that I am reapplying them after 3h of wear. If I eat something – even more often. They have mousse texture, not liquid that will dry to matte. Probably that’s a reason, why the lasting power is not that great, cause they do not dry completely matte. At least on me 🙂 But it doesn’t mean I don’t like them. They feel very smooth on lips and won’t dry them out 🙂

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