10 Random Facts About Me


It’s been quite some time since I’m blogging mostly about makeup, giving reviews, options, but I haven’t even told you something about me (except the information you can read in the About me section, which is very short). So, I decided to make some more personal and open posts time to time and let you know me better. I think it is pretty interesting and even important to know something about the person you are following, cause there could be some similar things, similar situations and thoughts that helps you understand that person even more and maybe get a better connection. I have found such connection with some youtubers, who (at least I feel so) are pretty similar to me and every new video that will come out I know I will love it. So for this post I wrote 10 random facts about me. I hope you will like such posts and if you are, let me know.

  1. I have a bachelor degree in Finance. Pretty far from makeup right? 😀 But my plan was to get knowledge about how to make your own business and what stands underneath it, cause you never know – maybe you will open a store someday, or do your own business in another way. Right now I’m thinking about makeup school, but I have to find the right one for me.
  2. My hobby right now is of course – doing makeup on myself and others + blogging, but time to time I’m recording some cover versions in the studio just to have it as a memory. When I was younger my hobbies were dancing and singing.
  3. I love animals. Love, love, love them. I’m constantly signing petitions to rescue animals and hoping that it truly helps. Our family have rescued several animals and birds, found new homes for them and trying to feed homeless cats around us. If I will have enough money in the future, I will definitely find a way to invest it in some kind of animal rescue project.
  4. When people meet me for the first time they always think that I’m very arrogant, which is totally wrong 😀 I’m friendly and never have act and felt arrogant/proud for something I have done in my life. But I guess, people think so just because of my weird habit – I always analyse every single person before I get in bigger conversations with them, but that’s mostly at new work or in school, where I know I will have to be around them for quite some time. I do that just to see how they talk, about what they talk, what they like and don’t like and once I feel comfortable, I’m open as book 😀
  5. My best qualities probably would be: hard working, reliable and honest. Qualities that I find the worst for me: too critical, sometimes naive and too emotional 😀
  6. My favourite season is summer, but here in Latvia it is too short. We do have all 4 seasons here, but summer is almost the shortest one and I don’t like that. I better cope with hot weather than cold. However, I cannot imagine Christmas in hot weather, so there are some situations where the cold is needed time to time.
  7. Back in the 2007 I have been crowned as Miss Bauska 😀 Bauska is my hometown which is very small (around 10 000 citizens), but we had a contest Miss & Mister, in which I decided to participate. It actually took quite some time to push myself, cause I had some insecurities back then, but I’m always doing everything in my life, to achieve something for myself. It took about 3 or 4 months to practice – how to walk, how to pose, decide about my own performance, learn the dance together with others etc. etc. It was very interesting and I will never forget that.
  8. I’m 24 years old (soon 25) and my zodiac sign is Aquarius. I have heard so many articles about my sign and a lot of things are so wrong. I have several friends in my sign and from what I can see – we are very friendly, however, you will have to show that you will be a valuable friend. We are very familial and take relationships pretty serious. That’s in short 😀
  9. I have been a singer since I was 2 years old (yeah, it sounds unreal, but I think I even performed on the stage when I was 3 😀 ) till I was 17 I guess. That’s the period when I took some practical lessons, performed etc., etc. But once I started to live in the capital of Latvia, I didn’t have time for my hobbies, cause I had a lot of things to do for my University + all the lessons cost TOO much and I simply couldn’t ask my mom to cover all these expenses. But I couldn’t turn my back on that, so I’m recording some songs at my friend’s house who has a home studio and who is practising in music and accompaniment recording + mixing. Basically – we combined our hobbies to get something valuable for each other.
  10. And my last random fact could be about my favourite artist for now. I can’t choose one of them so I will mention both: Sam Smith and Kwabs. I was so lucky to see both of them in one concert, where Kwabs was the “warm-up” band before Sam Smith’s performance. Sam has a very unique voice and I’m always surprised of HOW he can get such voice OUT while his mouth is not even moving that much 😀 it’s amazing. And the lyrics… The same for Kwabs. He has so powerful voice even though he is a baritone. I love all the lyrics of his songs and also – music videos. Very thoughtful and deep.

And that’s about it for now! I hope you found out something new about me and if you have any questions to me, you can write it down in the comment sections and I will get back to you 🙂



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