Model Launcher Cosmetics presentation

Hi! Yesterday I went to Model Launcher cosmetics presentation to check out their products and hear a little story behind this brand and the studio, where the presentation was held. A year back I was there too and I had a chance to meet the owner of this brand who told his story of this brand.

In short words – the owner of this brand for many years have worked with models and he saw how hard it is for girls to become models. There are so many criteria’s you need to follow to become such. So he decided to give a chance to any girl and made his own company. Girls could register in their database and they picked any of them for certain photo shoots. After time, they decided to create their own makeup brand so that they would have everything they need 🙂 That’s in short. All makeup products are cruelty free.

Model Launcher CosmeticsModel Launcher Cosmetics 1Model Launcher Cosmetics 2

These are not all of the products they have. These are the ones that were in place for that presentation. From what I can tell you – by testing all of them out I feel like they have a very good quality. Eye shadows are very pigmented, lip products are very creamy, without sticky feeling and pigmented. Foundations are oil-free – one of them has more of a velvet powdery finish with full coverage, another is liquid foundation with medium coverage. There are also stick foundations. There are not a lot of product variations in general, but I think everyone can find something for themselves. They are more concentrated to very feminine, natural colors. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have bright colors. They do have, but they concentrate more on showing women natural beauty 🙂

In the end of the presentation, we could choose any of those products for ourselves 🙂 I took the Liquid Lipstick in the color Corktown. It is VERY rich, pigmented liquid lipstick in a very nice dark red (with a hint of brown) shade. It will be perfect for Christmas or New Year’s eve makeup look. I will definitely create a holiday makeup look using this lipstick 🙂 Very soon 🙂

Model Launcher Liquid Lipstick CorktownModel Launcher Liquid Lipstick Corktown Swatch




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