Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color

Hi! πŸ˜‰ This time I decided to talk about my hair dyeing procedure, including a review on Garnier hair color. A little history about my hair – I have naturally dark blonde hair and I guess at 5th grade I decided to bleach them and have very light blonde hair color, cause that super grey undertone + my pale skin tone didn’t look good at all. I bleached my hair for about 10 years Β and you can imagine how damaged your hair can become in such period of time. However, I took care of them and once my hairdresser asked – how can I have such healthy hair while bleaching them?! But it doesn’t mean I didn’t have quite a struggle with them. I did…so about 4 years ago I started to think of dyeing my hair brown, so that my hair could get healthier. It was not an easy decision so at first I tried out dyeing half of my hair light brown and one half was my blonde hair. It looked good, but it took so long for me to dye my own hair in two colors (yeah, I always do it myself), so I finally decided to go FULLY brown πŸ˜€ I like to have brown hair, but sometimes I want to have a little hint of blonde, so after a time I might get a new haircut + have some blonde pieces, that would give an illusion of fuller hair.

But now let’s get to the point. Once I decided to grow my hair and have them much healthier, I knew I don’t want to use hair color with ammonia. So I tried out the Garnier Olia hair color product line and you know – I haven’t used any other hair color since that time.

About the product:Β this hair color contains 60% oils and no ammonia, but it doesn’t mean your hair won’t have a nice pigment. It does have…!!! πŸ™‚ This color provides a very nice, rich, pigmented, shiny and healthy look to your hair without ruining them. From the website: “Olia visibly improves and restores hair as the oils help to reverse roughness and dullness for more brilliant, dimensional color and softer, shinier hair with more bounce.” After using this product for 3 years now, using oils on the ends of my hairs, protecting them from heat, I see that my hair has grown so long. For this time I decided to give a little bit of red undertone to my hair, so I bought two packages of color – one brown and one violet, to mix them together.

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair ColorGarnier Olia Permanent Hair Color 1

As far as I researched, I’m not sure if the color Nr 5.15 Frozen Brown is still available everywhere, cause in Garnier page there is not such color anymore.

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color 2

As you can see in the picture above, in the package you have 1. Cream, 2. Color, 3. Conditioner + gloves and instruction. Once you mix 1st and 2nd ingredient together, you get a very creamy mixture which is actually pretty liquid and THAT’S what makes the application so EASY. I hate those hair colors which are very hard to smear on the hair and absords into hair pretty quickly. With this product you can work for a VERY long time – until you are finished basically πŸ™‚ As I’m dyeing hair myself I definitely need a product that will not irritate my scalp once I have that product on for too long, has no strong and chemical smell and won’t damage my hair if it will take me about 40min or longer to dye my whole hair in full lenght. As there is no ammonia, there is no horrible smell πŸ™‚ It actually smells very nice! As my hair are getting pretty long, I already need two packages of the hair color (probably, if a hairdresser would do it for you, it would be enough with one), cause with one package it’s ok to dye my roots and a little bit of front hair in full lenght. With two packages there are SO much product that remains, but at least I can be sure that EVERYTHING has been covered πŸ™‚ Below you can see the approximate result of before and after using both of the colors together.

Garnier olio hair color change

I love the result! I has a hint of violet and a hint of grey toned brown and as I’m dyeing hair myself, I always have some layers that hasn’t got the color FULLY, so there are some lighter layers that I really like πŸ˜‰

The only thing I have noticed (and not happy about) is that after 1st wash almost ALL of my hair roots are oily and basically, you have a feeling like you haven’t washed them for days…For now after 2nd wash this situation is always resolved, but once I have strugled with such dirty oily roots for ONE WEEK. I could only wear my hair in a bun to cover the scalp area. It was a huge stress for me, but with a very expensive shampoo (I guess the brand for it was Collistar) I was able to get my normal hair back. Maybe such situation is because I’m doing it by myself and it takes a LOT of time, so the color is there too long (however, not damaging them). Maybe…But it’s still my favorite hair color πŸ™‚ Color stays for several weeks, maybe not too long as if you would dye your hair with hair color that includes ammonia, but for me the most important thing is HEALTHY hair! πŸ™‚ (of course, it is better if you don’t dye them tho :D).

I hope you liked this review. If there is something more you want to know about this product and I didn’t cover in my review, please leave a comment down below πŸ™‚ You will see how this hair color looks on me in my upcoming makeup look, so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color

  1. I just found this at my local drugstore and I purchased the reddish color, I can’t quite remember the name or number. I went through 3 boxes in order to cover all of my hair. I think the color looks great, except it came out a bit patchy. I definitely covered all of my hair (there is no way that I missed any spots) it just clings better to some areas than others. Maybe it was just the color that I purchased :/


    1. It may be because of the selected color, cause I have never experienced it with any of the brown tones or this violet one :/ Maybe after one or two washes it will look more even, cause for me after combining these two colors, my roots were more like violet and the rest of my hair dark brown with a hint of violet. But I knew that it will change after I wash them and it was just like that. Now the tone is almost 100% even. I don’t know how it is for girls who are dyeing their hair red, but for me – I really like when there are some pieces a little lighter cause it makes your hair look fuller.
      Always make sure to comb through your hair as much as you can while dyeing, cause it may prevent you from patches at least. I hope it becomes better after some washes :/

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      1. Oooh I’ve never heard of combing through your hair while dyeing! Thank you, I will try that next time πŸ™‚


  2. Yeah try that! πŸ˜‰ Cause if you dye your hair yourself, there might be a risk that you miss some place, because you simply don’t see every single place, so with combing through you can spread the color more evenly between hair pieces. I hope that will work for you πŸ˜‰


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