Simple Holiday Makeup look

Hi! Sometimes I’m a bit tired of doing my eye makeup very intense, with many colors and so much of a blending. For this holiday makeup look I decided to do a very simply makeup look, but in the same time with a little extra – golden sparkly eye liner. You can build that liner even thicker, but I personally prefer to have it as a little nice turn to the eye makeup then turning it to very shimmery doll eyes 🙂

Holiday makeup look

On my eyes I’m wearing INGLOT AMC Eyeliner Gel Nr 77 and NYX Cosmetics Candy Glitter Liner Nr 16 El Dorado. On lips my new favorite Model Launcher liquid lipstick in the color Corktown.

I hope you like such short versions for collage makeup pictures 🙂 It doesn’t mean I won’t make any full face pictures. I will, this is just another way that I’m trying out, cause not always I want to make a full face of makeup, but just play a bit with eye shadows 🙂

If I’m not stepping by here till Christmas and on Christmas, I would love to wish all of you to have a very nice, cozy, full of love and joy holidays 🙂 And try to keep this nice holiday mood as long as you can, cause we are the only ones who can change the world, make it better and more positive 🙂 That’s only up to us! So keep smiling and doing what you love, spend your time with those that are important in your life, don’t forget about them, make surprises more than just in Worldwide Holidays and you will be a very happy person 🙂 Best wishes!


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