H&M Cover-Up Concealer

Hello guys!!! 🙂
I hope you had a nice and happy Christmas 🙂 Soon there will be next celebration coming up – New Years eve – but till that I wanted to put up some blog posts. This time I want to talk about one of  H&M makeup line products.

As soon as H&M makeup came to Latvia, I was so eager to try something from all that. I have heard a lot of good news about Nail Polishes and lipsticks, but as I was out of “everyday” concealer back then so I decided to pick up the Cover-up concealer which I guess I guess 4.49 EUR.

H&M Cover-up Concealer

About the product: in the website the description is as such: “A creamy concealer with medium buildable coverage for a natural finish. The lightweight formula helps to correct minor imperfections and dark circles”. This is a perfect description for this product. It is totally not a full coverage and is very creamy. With VERY I mean – you have to set it with a powder immediately, otherwise, it will crease underneath the eyes pretty quick. It will hide the minor part of dark under-eye circles, but not all. For every day basis I like that, cause it looks more natural. However, if you have pimples or acne scars this concealer doesn’t have that much capacity to cover them completely. It will hide just a bit, but they will still peak through. I always set this concealer with translucent/no-color powder pretty heavy, leave there for about half a minute and then wipe away. Then it stays on all day 🙂 And another thing – it’s pretty easy to apply concealer with the applicator.

H&M Cover up Concealer Almond Beige Swatch

Color: Almond beige color is a pretty light shade and I would say – a very neutral shade. I’m quite pale (however, not the most palest one) and this concealer is matching my foundation color, . Ivory shade was TOO pink, Vanilla too yellow based (what was pretty weird) and Desert – too dark and too pink. Almond beige I think is the most popular color as far as I have seen in other reviews.

It’s been a month since I have started to use it and I’m out of it. There is 2.2ml, so it’s kinda understandable + the price is very nice.

I hope you have a nice day and see you later 😉



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