Set goals, do it and believe in yourself

Hi! Happy New Year guys!!! 🙂 First of all, I hope this year will bring you a lot of excitement, achievements and happiness. Second of all – these are all the things I was thinking about and trying to relate to myself. I know that you have used to hear from me only facts and thoughts about and around beauty, but this time I wanted to let out my inner thoughts and maybe help you to get your thoughts together or even push you to do more.

Every day I spend so much time on trying to figure out what to do in my life, how to do it better, how to be more visible and do I know 100% that I’m doing something that will bring me joy. As you all see, I’m totally into beauty industry and I like to spend my time on doing makeup, researching new product launches etc.etc. Soon I will turn 25 and only now I have found myself in one concrete industry. But it’s not the end. There are so many professions in this industry, so I still need to search for myself. Let’s narrow it down.. I have a feeling that I want to be a known professional makeup artist and the biggest goal/dream – to have my own makeup line or product. Big dreams right?! And then I look at myself and thought – heh, how can I even get that if there are so many people who are already doing that with certificate, who are more open-minded etc.etc. AND HERE comes the problem in my mindset.

This is were I want to stop and encourage you all…Don’t let yourself down. Don’t think that you are worst then the others. There are so many options we can do in our life, but the main thing we need to do – do what we love! If everyone would work in a place that makes him happy, think, how positive our every day life would be. We live once and we need to make OURSELVES happy. So don’t waste your time on doing things that your mom, friend or anyone else think is the best for you. Follow your heart! And next step – set goals.

If we talk about goals or ways towards our dreams, there are so many of them…Sometimes you can feel lost and stop, because you are afraid to loose something or waste your time. Don’t be afraid of falls 🙂 Don’t stop, because you are not sure if that step will make you happy. If you don’t know it now, how will you know it later on if you will never try? Sometimes we put ourselves so low, that we are not able to climb up. For example, I’m very critical to myself and until I fell 100% sure I won’t be able to do any serious action. I had a chance to become known in my country as a singer – did I took that chance? No, cause I thought – pfff, there are few things I can’t do with my voice so there is no chance…And such situations appeared several times, but I always pushed myself back, because I was afraid of failure.

What I want you to do or at least think of this year: think of some kind of dream you have and set some goals that you totally need to do this year. Write them down and put them in a place where you can easily see them. Try to do as much as you can towards it! Don’t tell yourself – noone will listen to you, see you, accept you! JUST TRY! I have heard so many stories from people who showed themselves and where shocked of HOW MANY people assessed her/his job. We may think that it’s not that important what we do, to what we are able to and what drives us, but for others it may seem interesting and needed. Try to be positive, put more effort in evaluation of yourself not others. FIRST, you live for yourself and SECOND – your love to work will help others. Strive for accomplishments not competition, for valuable things not surplus, for innovation not replica. Be yourself and do what your really enjoy. Look for options and don’t wait when someone will give it to you or show the right moves. You know yourself better then others so you will definitely find the best place for you! 🙂

My goals for this year is to work on my professional makeup kit, practice makeup on other people (look for options outside my comfort zone which is my friends only), start to offer my services, learn more and more new techniques in makeup, try to film some short makeup videos or tutorials (no matter how I hate my voice once it is recorded) and try to upgrade my blog posts with nicer pictures and make them more valuable. In my daily life – be more positive, explore more, spend more time with my family and closest friends and stay healthy (that involves healthy food and staying fit).

I don’t know if such post will help anyone, but I feel that sometimes I need to put my thoughts out to believe myself a bit more and time to time be able to read it through and keep on track. Try it too if haven’t already, set your goals for this, 2016,year and start to do everything already NOW, so that in the end of this year you could look back and say – I DID GREAT!

P.s. – the thought behind the header picture is that you need to look to the future and try to see what it can bring to you and what obstacles you will need to overcome 🙂


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