Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Part II

Part II means – it’s my second time getting Makeup Geek eye shadows… 😀 Honestly, after using my INGLOT eye shadows and comparing them to Makeup Geek ones I realized that it’s much easier to work with Makeup Geek shadows. You simply need to dip in with a brush ONCE, to have quite a lot of color on your brush. With INGLOT I need to swirl my brush few times to get the same amount. So I decided to add new colors to my collection (which is not that big, cause I’m too picky and I hate wasting money) and here are the ones I picked out.

Makeup Geek Eye ShadowsMakeup Geek Eye Shadow swatches

All of these colors are swatched on bare skin, without any primer.

Creme Brulee
– one of the most popular Makeup Geek eye shadow as a transition shade. It’s a light orange color with a hint of brown tone
Preppy – very unique color. I would describe it as a mustard color – yellow brown color.
Bedrock – light grey/taupe color, more to the warm undertone side.
Fairytale – light lilac color with a grey undertone. Wisteria is much brighter and warmer

All of these colors work as good as all the other Makeup Geek eye shadows. You can check my previous post (part I) here. So there is my collection for now, but I’m totally sure that I will get more and more shades 😉

Makeup Geek Eye Shadows 2

Have you tried them? What are your favorite shades and you think are totally worth to buy? 😉


7 thoughts on “Makeup Geek Eye Shadows Part II

  1. Beautiful shades! And may I ask what is that palette you are keeping your eyeshadows in?
    I would like to buy Makeup Geek eyeshadows but I don’t like the look of the Z palettes 😀

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    1. Sure! 😉 I’m keeping them in the Coastal Scents eye shadow palette. It is very cheap and they holds inside very nicely. They have empty palettes with clear lid and palettes with mirror inside (just like mine is).
      Here is a link for 12 piece palette (clear lid):
      28 piece palette (clear lid):
      12 piece palette (with mirror inside):
      and 28 piece palette (without mirror inside):

      Those ones with mirror inside of course are heavier 🙂 But the price is amazing right? 😀


  2. You made a very nice colour selection! I have more than a few Makeup Geek eyeshadows, and my one complaint is that some of the colours are much too powdery. One even completely crumbled apart in the pan after I used it 3 times, so, not enough binding agent, which is annoying. The shades I LOVE are the duochromes, like Ritzy (green with red shift), Voltage (white/gold/yellow) and some of the regular eyeshadows like Poppy, Mirage, Cupcake (because it is so unique and flattering), Preppy, Pixie Dust, Chickadee and the pigment in Utopia. There were some really disappointing shades, like appletini, mango tango (which completely crumbled apart), neptune (NO payoff). I love you style of writing, nice article!

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    1. Thank you so much for stepping by 😉
      I guess I have been lucky in all the shades and pots I got, cause I haven’t had such problem with them. Maybe the way your shadows were handled was causing the damage? But in the same time, I think there could be such problem for some colors, however, I hear that for the first time when it comes to Makeup Geek ones.
      Thanks for letting know about the shades you like and the shades that did not work as promised (however, Mango Tango was in a very good quality for me, and yesterday I actually used it for my makeup look (that I will post soon) and there were no problem with it 🙂 ).
      I’m happy that you liked this article! 🙂 Hope to see you again 😉


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