NYX Matte Bronzer

Feels like I had to make a NYX product week 😀 So many reviews about this brand…BUT, what needs to be done, needs to be done. This time about bronzer.

I’m always seeking for the best bronzer color for myself, but mostly (in a drugstore) they look a little bit too yellow or to ashy. When I came across the NYX one I was so happy in the beginning, but then I didn’t like that much, cause I thought it’s too dark and to unnatural looking. But then comes a time, when you learn more about makeup, about new techniques, get new brushes, that helps you find a way to use those products you have started to hate. And that’s what happened with this one.

NYX Matte BronzerNYX Matte Bronzer 1NYX Matte Bronzer 2

So as you can see, this is the medium color. In total there are 5 shades available, but in Latvia we have only 3 shades, so medium was the choice on mine. It is pretty dark for my pale skin, but I kinda enjoy the fact that I don’t have to build it up and it takes only 10 seconds to be good to go.

What I like about this product is the matte finish and it doesn’t contain any single glitter. Texture is very smooth and soft and even it is still pretty dark it doesn’t come off very very pigmented. I’m not saying that it’s not pigmented…it is, but pigmented enough to give us a chance to build it up a bit for the perfect bronzed-up look.

This bronzer last ALL day long on my face and it doesn’t come and look patchy once applied. Even thought the first main ingredient in it is Talk, about what I was pretty surprised. I even use it as a transition shade on my eyes and I have never noticed any fallout.

Price is 9$ or in my country in EUR – 11 which makes me mad, but at least I have a chance to get my hands on it 🙂 I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions, reviews – let me know in the comment section below! Have an awesome day 🙂


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