Essence Eye Shadows

I think we hear more and more about the brand Essence and mostly – on a positive note only. As far as I have tried their products, I can’t say anything bad. Every time when I’m in a store, Essence single eye shadows are one of those that catch my eyes. So I decided to give a try to them. Here are two of the single eye shadows I got:

Essence eye shadowsEssence eye shadow All I NeedEssence eye shadow SnowflakeEssence eye shadow swatches

The white one is Nr 01 Snowflake and the taupe brown one – Nr 18 All I Need (link here)

These eye shadows are INCREDIBLY soft, smooth and blendable!!! I mean, look at the swatches! That’s only 1 or 2 swipes over the eye shadow and such pigmentation. For 2 EUR only!!! I’m so happy I tried them, cause they do work amazingly. It feels like a butter, so the application is very easy, without fallouts. I have tried to use these shadows wet and it works even better like that + pigmentation gets much more intense.

Packaging is plastic of course, so it’s lightweight. Also, the cover is flat, so you can put all the eye shadows on top of each other ( I personally like that, cause it doesn’t take too much space ).

For this collection they have matte version, sparkly and metallic. I would definitely recommend you to try at least one of them out, cause you can never go wrong with 2 EUR for an eye shadow πŸ™‚ I think I don’t even have anything more to say…I simply like them and maybe will go an grab some more shades πŸ™‚

Have a nice day guys! πŸ˜‰


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