Real Techniques Brushes and Sponge

Hey 😉 These were one of the first brushes I got for my makeup kit (that was 1 year ago). After using them for a LONG time, I have found all the ways how I can use these brushes. I’m 100% sure you have heard of them already or even have them. I simply wanted to put this post up, because I do have my experience stories and my opinion 🙂

Let’s start with the ones that comes in a set with a brush case/stand 2 in 1.

Real Techniques Starter kit and Core collection

The blue one is the “Starter Kit”. Starting from the left side: base shadow brush, deluxe crease brush, accent brush, fine liner brush and brow brush. I’m not gonna write down the description from their website, I will just tell you for what I use each brush and how they perform.
◘ Deluxe crease brush – I mostly use it to apply my eye shadow base all over my eyelid or for concealer. It buffs out the product very nicely, cause the bristles are densely packed.
◘ Base shadow brush – I use it to apply an eye shadow all over my eye or on the lid only or sometimes in the crease. Bristles are quite soft, but not the most softest.
◘ Accent brush – this is perfect for the inner corners, upper and lower lashline. It’s so tiny and soft and pick up a product very nicely. I love it!
◘ Fine liner and brow brush – two brushes I simply don’t see a way to use them. Liner brush has too long bristles so they more around when you want to apply a liner and brow brush is very thick. I could use it only in the first part of my brows. Not a fan of these.

Gold set next to it is called “Core Collection” that includes: contour brush, pointed foundation brush, detailer brush and buffing brush.
◘ Contour brush – I use it for contouring and applying concealer underneath my eyes. Bristles are a bit dense, but still fluffy so it blends out product nicely.
◘ Pointed foundation brush – bristles are synthetic and a bit too stiff. When I have tried to use it with foundation I always had a lot of stripes left behind so I would just use it to put the product on my face and then going with the sponge to even everything out.
◘ Detailer brush – I’m still using this brush for applying cream shadow on my lids, but every time I wash it there are at least 2 bristles that comes out. Not a fan of it!
◘ Buffing brush – I love this one! It provides full coverage with liquid or mineral foundation and nicely buff the product in. Sometimes I use it with cream contour.

Real Techniques Brushes

All of these are sold separately. From the left: blush brush, retractable lip brush, setting brush, lash-brow groomer and silicone liner brush.
◘ Blush brush – this is amazing one. It’s SUPER soft and fluffy. I use it for applying blush, bronzer or even setting powder. I love it!
◘ Retractable lip brush – not a fan of. I find that it leaves stripes on the lips, but it does it’s job – applies lipstick pretty ok, but not the best performance.
◘ Setting brush – another absolute favorite. Perfect for setting the T-zone and under eye area. Soft bristles.
◘ Lash-brow groomer – I use only the lash groomer side sometimes, but the other side – too harsh and too wide. Also, lash groomer side I use to apply castor oil on my lashes.
◘ Silicon liner brush – don’t like it at all. I don’t even understand how this brush could be good, cause the product slides around the silicone and doesn’t pick up the product evenly, more with clumps.

Real Techniques Brushes 1

And finally the last ones: miracle complexion sponge and powder brush.
◘ Miracle complexion sponge – I don’t own a Beauty Blender, but I have heard that this is the most closest dupe or dupe. My experience with this one is only the best one. It provides an airbrush finish and picks up all the excess product that you might have. In the last months I have also started to use it for setting my under eye area with RCMA No colour powder (of course, using a damp sponge). I love it!
◘ Powder brush – another good quality brush with densely packed and soft bristles. Perfect for setting your face with powder or even for bronzer. Super nice brush!

wow..that was a lot 😀 As you saw – there are brushes that I don’t use that much or at all and brushes, that I truly love. I hope it will help anyone out when picking up Real Techniques brushes. This brand is amazing overall 🙂



2 thoughts on “Real Techniques Brushes and Sponge

  1. I don’t understand why lip brushes are always so stiff.. It has to be very flexible in order to dispense the product properly… The best one I have is a tiny lip brush that came with a set that I purchased about 10 years ago… Still is the best lip brush I have used…

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