My Kit Co magnetic palette and tools

Hi there!
Yesterday I received my package from My Kit Co – website, where you can find a lot of makeup brushes, tools, accessories and makeup organizers. I discovered this website just because Wayne Goss recently made a video on the Z-Palette dupe, which was a magnetic palette from this site. I checked it out and found some good and affordable things for my makeup kit that are usually hard to get. Before I jump into product review I want to mention that this was the fastest delivery I have EVER experienced! I ordered all the items on Friday and already on Tuesday it was here in Latvia!!! Amazed… Plus – everything was wrapped so nicely. As My Kit Co commented on my Instagram post: “We aim to please! :)”. They did!

My Kit Co productsMy Kit Co products 1My Kit Co magnetic palette

If Wayne Goss says – it’s a dupe for a Z-palette, plus it’s cheaper, I had to get it! And I’m so happy I did! Palette is very well done, sturdy, has a very nice weight (even thought it’s mostly cardboard) and the magnetic surface is pretty strong, so you don’t have to worry about your eye shadows sliding around. Size of this palette is 24,5 x 13,5 cm. You can fit there 32 round eye shadows (you can see that from the picture how many eye shadows it can fit horizontally and vertically) which is 4 eye shadows more than the Large Z-Palette holds. Plus – for 9 pounds? It’s a steal! It also comes with 15 round metals (you can see them in the 1st picture next to tools and in the palette) and 12 stickers in case you have depoted some kind of makeup products that doesn’t stick to a magnetic surface. The magnetic lid is pretty strong which is pretty important if you travel with it.

My Kit Co tools

I was so happy to finally get my hands on these tools, that are pretty crucial if you are doing makeup on someone else. In Amazon or Ebay such tools you can get mostly from China, but in 99% of times there was no chance to get them to Latvia. I was so happy to find them here in this website for such an amazing price. Mixing palette + spatula (the shortest one) was 6 pounds and all the other tools (scissors, eye lash applicator and 2 different spatulas) for 7 pounds. All these tools are in great quality, but the most excited I was about the mini mixing palette which is in the PERFECT size (12,5 x 7,5 cm) and eye lash applicator, which I thought will be made from plastic, but I was wrong, cause it’s made from metal. The funny side is that before I didn’t have ANY spatulas, but now I have 3 😀 But that’s ok, cause you can never have enough tools 🙂

I hope you liked this post 🙂 I would really recommend checking out this website ( if you are in a need of palette, brushes, accessories or tools. I don’t know about the tools, but makeup brushes are designed by makeup artist James Molloy. I strongly believe in everything that makeup artists create themselves, cause they are the ones who can see what works, what doesn’t, what should be improved and what is needed in makeup artistry.

Have a nice day guys! 😉



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