Loreal Skin Perfection Advanced Correcting Serum and Awakening + Correcting Eye cream

Hi! This time I decided to talk about two of the Loreal Skin Perfection line products (although, I have tried other products too) and give my honest opinion. This line includes Advanced Correcting Serum, Correcting Day Moisturizer, Awakening + Correcting Eye cream, makeup wipes and Micellar Water. As far as I have checked there are some other products in this line, but in my country that’s all what we can get. All the products mentioned above I have tried, but for now I will talk about two of them, cause I don’t want to make this review too long.

About the line itself: if I put it in my own words, this line is meant for young people (20 – 30 years old) who doesn’t have a lot of skin problems, including significant wrinkles, but who wants to even out their skin tone, make their pores look more invisible and hydrate their skin. Products do include alcohol and fragrance, so it may not be the best for people with sensitive or dry skin.

Loreal Skin Prefection Serum and eye creamLoreal Skin Perfection Correcting Serum

Advanced Correcting Serum
Loreal description in short: this product is enriched with Perline-P and patented LR 2412, helps transform the appearance of skin quality, as if perfected. Pores look virtually undetectable, tone looks more even, skin texture feels silky-soft. The satin-touch serum helps boost hydration and refine skin texture.

My thoughts: this is one of my favorite products from the whole line. I have seen a lot of negative reviews on it, when people experience some break-out’s after using this product, or it doesn’t do anything for them. I totally understand that, cause as I mentioned above, these products do include alcohol and fragrance so there could be a negative reaction for those, who have dry or sensitive skin. My experience has been totally opposite. After using this product for 2 weeks in a row – every morning and evening – I already saw good results. My skin tone had evened out, it looked much brighter and healthier + it worked AMAZING as a base underneath foundation. This product absorbs into your skin in a minute and doesn’t leave any oily residue or sticky feeling. Sometimes I even felt that my skin is more plump. I used it until the last drop and yesterday I got a new one, cause I loved the way it worked on me.

As it’s a serum, it doesn’t have a creamy texture. It’s enough with one pump to cover your whole face and it glides on very easily. I would say that it has a pretty strong fragrance, but once it soaks into your skin you don’t smell it. As I said – for me it worked amazing and I was and still am happy that there are such line which is meant for 20-30 year old people and are already trying to prevent your skin from first wrinkles or uneven skin. Though, a huge minus goes to ingredients. They could add more antioxidants that would be more beneficial for skin and exclude alcohol and fragrance that might cause a reaction to some part of people.

Loreal Skin Perfection Awakening + Correcting Eye creamLoreal Skin Perfection Awakening + Correcting Eye cream 1

Awakening + Correcting Eye cream
Loreal description in short: helps transform the appearance of the eye contour, as if perfected. Dark circles, eye bags and fine lines appear reduced. The tinted, refreshing eye cream brightens and illuminates tired-looking eyes.

My thoughts: I have used this eye cream non-stop for about a year and I haven’t noticed any improvements. Maybe it has helped to keep the skin around my eyes in the same level, but no improvements. I still have a little sign of dark circles and tiny wrinkles. Does it brighten the under-eye area – slightly…What it does – it hydrates the under-eye area very well and that’s the reason why I use it. And it does it pretty well 🙂 But that’s about it! For me – it’s enough, but if you are in the age between 20-30 and you want a cream that improves something, this might not be the best choice.

There are 15ml in this tube so it lasts for a LOOOONG time 🙂 As I said, I have been using it for a year or even more and I still have a 1/3 left (at least it feels so) 😀

Just a little bit about all the other products I mentioned in the first paragraph – makeup wipes were ok, but nothing significantly different from other makeup wipes, micellar water was also ok, but Garnier one has 2x more product for cheaper price, so I always choose that over the Loreal one. Correcting Day Moisturizer was also ok as a moisturizer, but that’s all it does. If you are looking for a day cream that gives more benefit to your skin, this might not be the product you are looking for.

This is of course only my experience with these products. I like all of these products and I haven’t had a bad reaction to my skin or anything else, but right now, as I have turned 25, I’m looking for moisturizers that are fighting at least a little bit with those first wrinkles and includes vitamin or other healthy and beneficial ingredients.



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