Maxfactor Kohl Pencil

Hi! I will start by saying that I have never been interested in Maxfactor brand in general, cause no matter what kind of products I have tried, they always looked terrible on me. Few days ago, I was trying to find a brown eye pencil and the only one that caught my eye was Maxfactor Kohl Pencil. It took me approximately 5-10 min to grab this pencil, cause I simply didn’t have a trust to this brand. But I decided to try it out and I ended up loving this eye pencil and probably I will go and grab blue and silver color too. Why I love it? …

Maxfactor Kohl PencilMaxfactor Kohl Pencil 1

First of all, because of the color. There are so many brown eye pencils that are TOO warm and once you apply them on your lashline you look sick, because it has a red undertone. This one is warm too, but it has a little tint of grey undertone. On the eyes it looks very natural (although, makeup is not a natural thing :D). I don’t use this in my waterline, cause then it looks too warm and more to the red tone.

Secondly, because of the texture and longevity. As it’s a kohl pencil, it’s very soft and creamy. It glides on very smoothly and you can easily blend it out to create a smokey look. What amazed me was the fact that it didn’t transfer on my lid (maybe a littttttttle tiny bit in the end of the day, but nothing dramatic) even thought I didn’t set it with eye shadow. Plus, it was still creamy and I could blend it out to create a smokey look. It was so weird, cause all the creamy eye pencils always smudge on my lid, but this doesn’t. And it stays pigmented all day long.

Due to this pencil my everyday makeup routine has changed and became more natural and easier. If you have a chance to get these pencils, try them out! I hope they will work as good as on me 🙂



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