10 Bad beauty habits

Hi everyone! Today I decided to talk about beauty habits that most of us are/have been doing sometime, but we definitely need to avoid them. I have compiled all the habits I know about or/and have done, before I knew it was wrong and actually – ruining my skin. Next post will be about bad makeup habits, but now let’s talk about beauty in general.

1. Avoiding sunscreen – I know how much we, pale girls, want to have a tan when the first sun is outside, so we might avoid using sunscreen knowingly, just to get the first tan quicker…Don’t do that. If you care about your skin on a daily basis and you want to look as young as you can even when you are older, why would you harm yourself with burning your skin? You will get your tan even with a sunscreen on, but you will also protect it from ageing, sunspots or, in the worst case scenario, skin cancer.

2. Over-exfoliation – been there, done that. Too much exfoliation can leave your face red, irritating and even create little whiteheads deep under the skin. Deep exfoliation is ok if done once a week to take off all the dead skin and make it look more fresh and healthy.

3. Propping your chin on your hands – such position can create line on your skin and damage the skin on your elbows. Sit up straight! That’s gonna be valuable not only for your skin, but also to your posture.

4. Biting your nails – I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that such habit is aweful, cause it not only damages your nails, but it also doesn’t look nice + you can get a lot of bacteria in your mouth.

5. Biting your lips and cheeks – I have done both of them, mostly, when I’m stressed, but once I saw that such habit creates a lot of lines around my mouth and makes my smile lines look even more visible, I stopped doing that. Wrinkles and smiles lines is something we want to avoid if we want to look as good as we can even after several years. Also, lip biting and licking can actually make them even more drier then if they are left alone.

6. Touching your face – whenever you touch your face, you are transferring whatever is on your hands, such as oil and everyday grime, onto your skin, causing blemishes and exacerbating existing break-outs. Try to avoid touching your face, especially if you tend to play with your hair a lot, because this spreads the natural oils from your hair straight onto your skin.

7. Picking spots – we have heard a lot about this habit, but I think it’s never enough to remind that. Spot picking is not good, because you are breaking the wall between the clogged pore and the bacteria leaks out and spreads underneath the surface of the skin. Also, you can easily make a scaring. There are so many spot treatments and purifying masks available in the market, so try to do that properly or go to cosmetologist.

8. Dipping your finger in the cream – I think you have seen that some of the creams are coming together with a small spoon or spatula, which in most of the times are thrown away. Don’t to that! Every time you dip your fingers into your cream you are introducing bacteria. Using a clean spatula instead (because you should be washing it off with soap and water after use) is much more sanitary and can save you from an unpleasant skin infection.

9. Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase – after few days your pillowcase is covered with your hair’s oils, dead skin cells, face oils and dust — all of which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. No matter the material of your pillowcase, be sure to swap it out for a fresh (and so clean, clean) one every three days to keep skin clear and acne-free!

10. Not getting your hair trimmed regularly – I have been struggling for a long time to grow my hair, so I tried to avoid cutting my ends often, cause I didn’t want to see them shorter and shorter. But that’s totally wrong. To accelerate the growth process and maintain healthy hair, it’s important to get a trim every eight-to-twelve weeks. Also, pulling apart split ends is not a good habbi, cause it only causes more damage to your hair shaft and that strand is likely to break off even more. The best way to fix split ends (and prevent future ones) is with regular trims.



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