Morphe Brushes review: M437 and MB23

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We have heard a lot already about Morphe Brushes brand – whether these are eye shadow palettes or brushes. As I already own a Morphe Brushes eye shadow palette 35P (review HERE), I decided to try out their brushes too. I always do slow steps when it comes to trying out new products, so I got only 2 brushes for now.

Morphe Brushes M437 and MB23Morphe Brushes M437

Description from “Morphe Brushes M437 Pro Blender Contour Brush is the perfect tool for contouring the face effortlessly, delivering flawless results. Guaranteeing precise application, M437 Pro Blender Contour Brush delivers an impeccable finish no matter what the look. Used to highlight the face’s natural curves and structure, illuminate the skin naturally and sculpt the complexion, this revolutionary beauty tool ensures that the desired effect is crafted.”

This brush is very very soft and applies contour powder very effortlessly. Bristles are sable, synthetic and packed pretty densely together. It’s not very wide; it concentrates the product on the hollows, so if you want that precise contour, this brush is for you.

Morphe Brushes MB23

Description from “MB23 Round Blender Brush masterfully blends makeup onto the complexion, ensuring that there are no creases or smears. Say goodbye to creases and unwanted ‘makeup lines’ with MB23 Round Blender Brush, as the innovatively designed synthetic bristles soothingly buffs away all impurities and leaves an impeccable finish in its place. This ultra-feathery and fluffy brush offers a quick-fix to makeup errors on the go, with its lightweight, compact design. Gentle and non-irritating to the skin, MB23 Round Blender Brush professionally buffs liquid, cream and powder-based products to create a flawless finish”

I was searching for a very fluffy brush that I could use for blending out any harsh lines and lightly apply transition shades. People compared this brush to Sigma E40, so I had to get it. Plus, I had to get the Sigma version too, to be able to compare 😀 You can make your own judgement by looking at the picture below, but even though they look very similar, bristles and application is not the same . The shape – yeah, maybe very very close, but the main thing for me is how they perform. I like both of them and Morphe one is very soft and quite fluffy + blends out all the harsh lines pretty fast. But Sigma brush is still better 🙂 I haven’t tried the Morphe brush with creams, but I guess it could work. Morphe MB23 and Sigma E40

I have cleaned these brushes few times and there are no shedding at all. At least not yet. They do perform well so I think according to the price these brushes are very nice and affordable. There are several brush sets for Morphe Brushes, so you have different choices. I bought my brushes in

Would I recommend these brushes? I feel like there are hits and misses with these brushes. For the price they are ok, but in the same time you can add few pounds/dollars/eur and buy a very good quality brushes that will last longer. I have heard the best reviews about Gun Metal and Elite Brush collections, but there are some good brushes in basic collection too. I do like the ones I got, although, I wish that the blender brush would have been a bit more fluffier.

If any additional questions about these – write them down below and I will get back to you 🙂



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