Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation

Hi there! I thought it’s time to review another foundation I have tried and this time it’s Make Up For Ever Ultra HD liquid foundation. I will share my experience by trying it on myself and other people for filming, cause this is HD foundation right? 😀 I needed to test it in HD version 🙂

First of all, for those who are not aware of this foundation, this is a new formulation for the original HD foundation. This one claims to make your skin look incredible even in 4K resolution. THAT’S INSANE! Makeup artist Wayne Goss tried to test it in 4K and it really look good.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD FoundationMake Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 1

Packaging is the same as the original HD foundation even with the same problem with the lid that falls off in your makeup bag 🙂 It comes with a pump which is always nice. Bottle is made from plastic so no worries about braking it if it falls down.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 2

About the shade – I took the Y225 which is pretty light and is more with a neutral undertone, although, Y does stand for yellow and there is definitely a lot of yellow undertone. The shades are categorized into four main colour groups – light, medium, tan and dark and within each of these groups there are red and yellow based foundations. The numbering of each bottle consists of a letter and then a 3 digit numbers. The letter is either an R or a Y depending on if it is a red or a yellow based foundation. The light shade numbers all begin with a 2, medium with a 3, tan with a 4 and dark with a 5. If you have had the original HD foundation than you have to chech the first number on the packaging, because it equals with the new numbering. I have heard that it’s not perfectly the same shade, but pretty close.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 3Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 4Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation 5

Texture of this foundation feels very lightweight, but it does have a good coverage. It’s not too runny or too thick. It absorbs into the skin pretty quickly so I found that for me the best way to apply it is using a foundation brush to apply it on one part of my face and then with a damp sponge work it in. Then – other part of my face. If you want to have less coverage and have even more natural look, you can use a stippling brush to buff it into your skin. You can easily build this foundation up to have quite a decent coverage.

It gives a very natural finish with a little bit of radiance. It contains luminosity boosters which stimulate the blood circulation. These skin boosting ingredients helps to give the skin a natural oomph and radiance. Also, it contains hyaluronic acid that helps to plump dehydrated skin and evens fine lines.

I have combination skin and it looks nice on my face, no greasy feeling or too much radiance. I do set it with powder so that my T-zone looks good all day long. Also, I used this foundation on people with normal and dry skin and it looked good either way. Even on boys 🙂 I took part in one very fun project where I had to do makeup for one new band in Latvia. I used this foundation on all of them (4 boys and 1 girl) for filming and it looked flawless 🙂 Plus, it stayed put all day long, cause we started to film at approximately 2PM and finished at 7PM I guess. If you want to see this little promo video click here 🙂

My experience with this foundation has been pretty good. I bought this just for photo or filming purposes so I’m happy to see that it really works! 🙂 As far as I see, it works on all skin types. I hope this review was helpful 🙂



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