KIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipsticks

If you have seen all my posts, you have probably noticed that I own quite some products from KIKO Milano cosmetics. I made another purchase…I simply couldn’t resist grabbing lipsticks for 2 EUR/each on sale!!! So here I am, with a review on the KIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipsticks πŸ™‚

KIKO Milano Luscious Creamy LipsticksKIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipsticks 1KIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipsticks 2

About the product: I will have to describe it in my own words, cause SOMEHOW these lipsticks are not available in the website anymore. Don’t know what happened…So I couldn’t get their description on this product. The way I would describe these – super super creamy lipsticks with glossy finish (in the first hours :P). What I mean with that?! It applies like a dream and look glossy (you know, that creamy gloss), but after few hours it becomes more satin and I think that’s the reason why they are long-wearing. Coverage is not sheer, but also – not super intense. These are perfect in times when you want to add a tint to your lips, but in case you want that pigment, you can easily build it up.

It feel very comfortable on the lips and I was happy to see that the nude shade was not clumpy and uneven, cause that’s what most of Β the light nude lipsticks does on me. I would totally recommend to use a lip liner before applying it, cause with such creamy consistency it’s not that easy to control it. But, of course, you can skip liner if you want to πŸ™‚ I simply prefer to have it, cause then I’m not worried about my lips for few hours + lipstick will stay longer on the lips.

There is one thing I like to do with these lipsticks: I build the color up to get that nice pigmentation and then I take off all the excess with tissue and I’ve been left with satin finish + it wears longer. Also, these lipsticks do stain lips and that’s another + from my side, cause I have very pale lip color.

About the packaging…

KIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipstick Packaging

… I think it looks very luxurious. It is very unique not only in the way it looks, but also, in the way you open it up. You have to push it downwards from the top (in the first picture you can see the dark grey spot on the top) and then pull the lipstick from the bottom. This is super safe and you will never have a purse full of separated lipstick lids πŸ˜€

KIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipstick SwatchesKIKO Milano Luscious Creamy Lipstick Swatches 1

Arm and lip swatches are almost the same, except the plum shade which didn’t came out as pigmented as I thought it will be. But I still love it and if I will combine it with lip liner – it’s gonna be cool πŸ™‚

Pink shades might look very similar to each other and they kinda are…But in the lip swatches you can easily see that one is darker, one lighter. Though, if you want that hot pink lipstick, choose one of them and you will be covered πŸ˜‰

Nude shade is very nice – not to pink, no too warm. And, of course, we can’t live with that perfect Red Carpet red lipstick πŸ˜€ It is super bright, but I like that. If I will need to make it darker I will simply use darker lip liner πŸ™‚

I think that’s all I wanted to say…To sum up – it’s a steal to get these for 2 EUR/each on sale and especially with such good quality. I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions, your opinion etc. etc., leave them down below.



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