NYX Baltics Event

Hi! 🙂 This week I went to NYX event, which was made specially for introducing this brand in Latvia. We had a small shop in Latvia with limited NYX assortment, so this time we had to celebrate the fact, that we will have our own NYX store here in Riga, Latvia very soon 🙂 I will take you through the event with pictures and a little bit of information 😉

NYX Baltics Event 1NYX Baltics Event 4NYX Baltics Event 5NYX Baltics EventNYX Baltics Event 2NYX Baltics Event 3NYX Baltics Event 9

This event was held in a very nice place called “Café Film Noir” which is described as intellectual culture club. In the beginning there was a super nice presentation about NYX brand as such held by the most nicest NYX Baltics Brand Champion Riti. She told us the story behind NYX brand, what they value the most, what’s their vision, what drives them further etc. What I can tell you guys – this brand is really thinking about creating good quality products for reasonable and affordable price + they want everyone to feel and be creative. You may think that there are so many crazy colors in their collection and that’s true. They want you to get out of your comfort zone, be creative, let you see yourself in different shoes and simply – be crazy 🙂 I have so many products from this brand and yes, there are products that may not work for me, but works for other people, but most of them I truly love. Especially lip products, to which NYX put the most attention to. From 2000 product range 600 are lip products! That’s crazy!!! 🙂

NYX Baltics Event 8

After presentation we had an opportunity to see how a makeup artist works with NYX products and let her imagination become real. As she said – she fell in love with NYX glitters, so that’s her new favorite product that will definitely be in her makeup kit 🙂

NYX Baltics Event 6NYX Baltics Event 7

And then a little bit of break to take a look on the mini store for that event…and of course, as always, I simply couldn’t resist buying some new stuff for my collection 😀

Afterwards there was a presentation about YouTube channel creation, tips and tricks held by one of Latvian vloggers. I loved the fact that she was so open about her start and struggles, as well as being so motivational and helping. This is definitely what I needed, cause by living in such small country, you think that noone will accept what you are doing, won’t understand why you are doing that…By seeing her in action and listening to her story, it made me feel that it’s just so worth it. You never know what kind of opportunities will be in your way if you will do that extra step while doing something you love. She even got a job as a blogger, cause they saw her videos. 🙂 Isn’t that amazing 🙂 I love to hear such stories 🙂

We also had a mini contest where we were invited to do our makeup in 15 min. Something crazy, with theme – fairytale. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from that part, cause I also participated, but it was very fun. This whole evening was very lovely and full of creativeness. I love the fact that nowadays brands are so close to people, they listen to their needs, wants and creates an amazing products to please them or something, that will make you step out of your comfort zone. Can’t wait to see NYX store in Latvia 🙂

NYX Baltics Event 10

…and here a little bit of new goodies. Some of them (blush, liner and gloss) was a gift, but all the others I bought, because I simply want to try those crazy colors (like mascaras) and eye shadows are as always – never enough 😀

I hope you liked this little picture tour through NYX Baltics Event 🙂 If you have any questions, comments – leave them down below as always!

Have a wonderful evening, guys, and awesome week ahead! 😉 ❤



7 thoughts on “NYX Baltics Event

    1. 🙂 Maybe one day NYX will come to your country too! They slowly become more and more international, so let’s hope for the best 😉
      If you can’t get NYX products for a good price in terms of shipping, maybe we can agree on sending products from Latvia to you. For 1kg it may cost around 11 EUR, but I think it’s not that bad actually. Think about that 😉 But keep in mind that we have limited assortment right now and store will be open only in the end of summer probably. Although, I might attend one NYX event again very soon. Let me know 😉

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  1. Oh, ok. Cause I took a look if NYX store is in Malaysia and it didn’t show. Forgot about Sephora option. Though, I am jealous now that you have Sephora 😀


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