Awesome reasons of my absence

Hi there! Maybe some of you have noticed that I have been away for too long (I think 2 weeks). The awesome reasons why are – participation in NYX Face Awards Baltics and my vacation. Let’s start from the first 🙂

This was the first time in Baltics when we could participate in NYX Face Awards to get to the final, so I decided to try it out. We had to create makeup video and submit it. For me it was a lot of new things – first time filming makeup video, first time creative makeup in general, first time editing (thanks to my BF for helping out) and creating YouTube channel 🙂 YESSS, I did it 😀 Once you have it, you actually start to think of the next and next and next video you can make, so you only need to make this first step and then you kinda feel responsible for putting out there more videos. You can check my first ever video here –>

Don’t be rough to me, cause it’s my first time for doing it and I will try to make them better and better each time 🙂

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the finals, but that’s ok! 🙂 I didn’t even thought I would get through, cause there are so many creative people out there and mine was totally not the best one ( from the videos submitted for Baltics ).

Another thing – vacation! 🙂 From 20th of June I was off to my vacation: Latvia -> UK -> Malta -> UK and soon back to Latvia. First of all, we were here in the UK in very historical moment “Brexit”. Kinda funny to be here while you are still in EU and come back from Malta to a place which is no more in EU. But that’s not something I want to dig in deeper. Basically, I spent my vacation with my sister and mom in Malta for 1 week. It was amazing!! 🙂 Weather was suuuper nice, around 32 degrees (C) every single day. In the last day when we checked all the places we have been to, we realized that we have seen so much of it. That’s the plus side for researching everything yourself not with by guided tours 🙂

I plan to make a video about this whole trip, so if what you will be able to see it in my YouTube channel after some time 🙂 But the main point here – that’s the reason I was away 🙂 See you soon in my upcoming posts!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!
With love, Marika ❤


2 thoughts on “Awesome reasons of my absence

  1. Lol, I didn’t even read this post through! I went to subscribe, watch your video and commented there! Too bad you didn’t make it. Was hoping I’d be able to start voting. I followed elliamacs on NYX Nordic Face Awards (she won by the way). So amazing!
    Well, I am looking forward to all your videos! Good luck!

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    1. hahahah 😀 Thanks a lot for your support! That’s ok for me that I didn’t make it. I personally do not strive for winning no matter what it stands for. I simply do what I love, and if it comes with something rewarding it is just a little add-on to the biggest achievement – my experience and happiness for doing what I love and trying out new things 🙂
      Thanks for subscribing! 😉 Have a lovely day.

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