Moisturized lips are as essential as moisturized skin, so I have always been interested in moisturizing lip balms, glosses and also scrubs that are needed if you have chapped lips, but still want to wear that damn hot matte liquid lipstick 😀 So I was excited to try out these Maybelline Baby Lips Glosses. Before there were only Baby Lips Balm, but now this collection has grown and I guess there is also DR.Rescue Balms now too.

Maybelline Baby Lips GlossMaybelline Baby Lips Gloss 1

The first that I noticed – colorful packaging. Also, the names of these shades are fun 😀 But about the product itself…It is very moisturizing, feels very comfortable on the lips, gives a little bit of color too and the most exciting part is that ALL of these shades smell like cranberries! :O It kinda feels so right, to apply it on your lips, just because of this smell 😀 It doesn’t leave your lips sticky or uncomfortable. Very soothing and moisturizing due to Vitamin E which is one of the ingredients. It stays on also pretty long time. Maybelline claims it moisturizes for about 4h and I need to agree with that. Basically, there is nothing bad I could say about these (well, if they are on my blog, it means I liked this product 😀 daah..)

Maybelline Baby Lips Gloss 2Maybelline Baby Lips Gloss 3

The warm shade (20 Taupe with me) is the most pigmented one from all of them and gives that extra needed nude color to any nude lipstick. To see all the shades available click HERE. They cost around 5$ (or less), so not that bad. Let me know if you have any questions about this product down below 😉





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