Maybelline Master contour V-shape duo stick

Hi! Cream contouring has slowly became my thing…I always wanted to start it, but I could not find the best product and the right technique for it. When I got this contour and highlight stick I was pretty happy with the outcome + the fact that it was easy to work with, so I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Master contour V shape duo stick Master contour V shape duo stick 1

These contour sticks come in 3 shades – light, medium and deep. At first I got the light shade, but then, as I was a bit tanned I decided to try the medium shade too. Shortly about this product and what Maybelline claims about it: “easy-to-use contouring and highlighting duo. This 2-in-1 stick creates the illusion of structure and lift in two easy steps.” 

My thoughts: the product itself I really like. It very easy to blend it out and has a very nice pigmentation – not too much and not too little. This is perfect for those who have just started cream contouring. But there is one BUT..I basically use only the darkest part, because I feel like that the lightest part is a bit too heavy for using in the highlighting parts, but maybe I have to find a better way to work with it.. But for now, I use only the dark side and I am happy with the results.

I have tried drawing it right on my face, apply with fingertips and also with angled kabuki brush. I prefer kabuki brush 🙂 Or beauty sponges. Cause it might not be the easiest way to blend it out if you draw with it right on face, especially if you apply on top of matte foundation. With angled kabuki brush you can simply take a little bit of product and get right in the hallows of your face + blend it out. The same with sponge.

Now both shades:
Maybelline Contour V shape duo stick Light swatchMaybelline Contour V shape duo stick medium swatch

Maybe in the pictures is not that easy to see the difference, but there definitely is. First one is the LIGHT and the second – MEDIUM. LIGHT one has more of a pink undertone to the highlighter side and more grey undertone to the contour side. For the MEDIUM, highlighter side is with warm undertone and contour side – darker and warm toned. I definitely recommend to use the LIGHT one for fair and light skin and the MEDIUM one for light-medium to medium skin tone. Sometimes when I want it to look more like a contour+bronzer I mix both contour sides to get the result I want.

I personally find it easy to work with them, and it’s very easy to take with you. 🙂 If any additional questions about it, let me know in the comment section.



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