L’Oreal Golden Collection

Hey there! 😉
Finally I was able to put all the info and pictures right here, to show you and give my thoughts on the L’Oreal Golden Collection which includes Color Riche lipsticks with gold shimmers in them and Lip Palettes – Nude and Red. Let’s jump right into the pictures.

loreal-golden-collectionloreal-lip-palettesloreal-lip-palette-red loreal-lip-palett-nude

As you can see, each Lip Palette contains 6 different shades which in this case has creamy texture. I have heard that there is also a matte version, but this is not the one. It also comes with a lip brush, huge mirror inside and color scheme on the back of the product, so that you don’t have to open it up, to know – which shade you took. Packaging looks very fancy, elegant and expensive. It feels expensive too 🙂 I love the shade range for both palettes, even though after first look at it, you might think that there are few similar shades. Nop, on the lips they do look different from each other. I did the lip swatch pictures, but I messed up something so I decided to put up only hand swatches


They are true to the color as you see in the pan, except the darkest shade in the RED palette which came out more to the violet side than deep dark red. The texture is very nice: easy to apply (though, you will need several coats), easy to blend shades together, feels comfortable on the lips and wears a long time. This is the perfect travel Lip Palette + the brush is actually really nice. I love the shape of it, cause it has a tapered tip. It is perfect for anyone – also makeup artists, who are not interested in carrying around full case of lipsticks, but want to minimize it to the most necessary stuff. I enjoyed both: application and texture.


The packaging is SO gorgeous…Love it! But inside – even better view… loreal-golden-collection-lipsticks-2 loreal-golden-collection-lipsticks loreal-golden-collection-lipstics-3 loreal-color-riche-golden-collection-swatches

As you can see I have 3 shades: PURE GOLD (gold color), PINK GOLD (pink with gold glitters). ROUGE GOLD – red/coral toned lipstick with gold glitters. The GOLD color is very gold and with a lot of shimmers. That’s the only thing that I didn’t enjoy. BUT it looked so unique once applied on top of the other shades. In the pictures below you can see how the PINK and ROUGE color looked at first and then with GOLD color on top. The difference might not be that visible in the photos, but in real life it is. Especially with the ROUGE shade.


Texture of these lipsticks are ok 🙂 Creamy finish, glides on like a very pigmented balm. They don’t have sheer, but they don’t have also very high pigment. It’s in between. I didn’t felt any glitters on my lips, only when I applied GOLD color on it’s own, but it didn’t look flattering like that. It’s a perfect top coat though 🙂

I really enjoyed playing around with these products and I would like to hear your thoughts on them if you got them too.

With love
❤ Marika


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