L’Oreal La Palette Ombree and Glam

Hi there!
Time to time I like to come out with a review on products that are already in the market for a very long time, just because not everything I get right after it comes out, or – I simply forgot to talk about them. This time I dedicated this post to L’Oreal eye shadow palettes. The reason I got these lately is because I have a plan in my head regards to eye shadow palettes, so I need to collect a bit more. This time a grabed these.


In my opinion, Ombree palette is more for those smokey looks, though, with a possibility to create very subtle looks for daytime wear. Glam palette is absolutely opposite. I actually would divide this Glam palette in two parts – first half for fall, second half – for spring 🙂 Now closer look…


I always try to take super real pictures in daytime, so that the colors are as true as they can be, so I don’t have to describe each and every one. This palette contains more matte shades. The second color has a little sheen and is very unique color itself. And the other two not matte shades are the gold one and white. Both of them are shimmery and feels very soft in texture. I was very happy about the blue color which applied very nicely on my hand.


This palette has more shimmery colors. The first color is amazing! It’s like a champagne color with pink and gold glitters. The next two – orange and burnt red – shades are also super cool. They swatched beautifully, so I can already see myself doing a makeup look using the first 3 shades 🙂 Also the 5th shade (golden bronze) is amazing. As well as the pink one. The only color that disappointed me was the light blue color, which I had to pack on sooo many times…

Overall – I think this is a nice palette for beginners, for those, who don’t like those UBER pigmented eye shadows with which you have to be very careful, or you simply like the color range. These shadows are not very chalky, they are not suuper pigmented, but they are ok. I have used the Ombree palette several times for my daytime makeup and it looks very natural. Also, these palettes for me will come in handy when I am doing very bold makeup looks and I need a lighter (in texture) eye shadow, to blend the edges. Believe me, that makes a very big difference 😉 sometimes it’s just hard to blend out super pigmented eye shadows, like Makeup Geek ones (which I adore), so it is perfect if you have matching eye shadow from another palette which is not as pigmented and will blend everything out easily 🙂

Ok, that’s it from me now 🙂 Sorry for posting only 1 post a week, but this is a very struggling time for me. There are so many things I want to do, so I simply don’t know with what I should start 🙂 I hope you are all doing well 😉

~Marika ❤


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