Garnier Tissue Mask Review

Winter is the best season to treat your face with extra moisture. Right now it’s winter in Latvia so I was very much interested in trying the new Garnier Tissue Masks. There are 3 different types of masks in this range: AQUA BOMB, COMFORT, FRESHNESS.


Description: in each packaging there is one sheet mask which is equivalent of 1 week of hydrating serum. Each mask is for different purpose and skin type. After application you have to keep it on your face for 15 min.


Aqua Bomb is super hydrating and repulping mask. It has an extract of grenade + hyaluronic acid + hydrating serum and this mask is perfect for dehydrated skin. This was the first mask I tried out. I can’t agree more that my skin felt SO hydrated, especially in the first day and first hours. Dry patches on my skin were gone so that’s another plus. I didn’t felt like my skin was more plump, but my colleagues, who tried this mask too actually felt that.


Freshness is super hydrating & purifying, that refreshes your skin and tightens pores. There is an extract of green tea + hyaluronic acid + hydrating serum and it’s meant for normal to combination skin. From my experience I can say – it was again super hydrating, but no significant results on tighter pores, but of course, from one sheet you will never get the possible results. My face after this sheet mask felt a bit cold for some time, which was kinda funny πŸ˜€


Comfort mask is super hydrating & soothing. It recomforts and soothes feelings of tightness. It has an extract of chamomille as well as other 2 ingredients and it’s meant for people with dry and sensitive skin. I used this mask right after I had cold and my whole nose was super super dry. This actually really worked. There was no sign of dry patches what so ever. BUT after this mask my face felt like an ice for quite a long time πŸ˜€ That was an interesting experience, for sure πŸ˜€


So this is how the mask look like. It’s VERY BIG and slippery. You have to put this mask with the white side on your face, and then peal of the blue sheet.


Leave it for 15min and then take it off + rinse off any gel residue. And that’s it πŸ™‚

Overall I do like this concept, that you can go to the drugstore, grab one mask and be good to go. I have combination skin but I can easily see myself using all of them without any problem, cause the main thing these masks are doing – moisturizing your skin + some extra thing which is unique in all of them. The packaging looks very nice so you can even put this mask in a gift set. I always forget to use masks, so for me there is no reason to buy 50ml mask, cause I might throw it out in the end. With these, you can buy just one mask when you have a feeling that you need to treat your face. Plus it’s cheap – it’s around 2 EUR per one sheet mask πŸ™‚

Let me know if you have tried them and if anyone of you felt that ICY COLD feeling on the face πŸ˜€ I hope this post was helpful and see you in my next one πŸ˜‰

~Marika ❀



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