Vegas Day-to-Night makeup

I have prepared something not ordinary in my blog: day-to-night makeup, though, with a little twist/theme – Las Vegas. I decided to post time to time some makeup looks, inspired by different places. Purely my vision on how I would try to fit in and look like. This time it’s Vegas.

There might not be a lot of situations when we need to switch from day to night makeup without reapplying everything. But what if such situation happens when you are in Las Vegas, where the life is active, full of joy and activities? After a little research in website to see what kind of actions are happening there, I came up with few main points to consider:
1) there is SO much to see that you need to make sure that it’s easy to switch to night time makeup look
2) I would probably visit some nice restaurant during the day, or just those busy streets, but in the night time – probably a concert, or show.

Taking all that in consideration I decided to make my daytime makeup quite simple, though with a good base, and night time makeup – bronzed and smokey. So let’s start with the details on daytime makeup 😉


As I have combination skin I always go for moisturizers that are oil-free + mattifying primer. For foundation I would 100% go for medium/full coverage foundation (in my case MAC Studio Fix Fluid), that would stay all day long on my face and I wouldn’t need to reapply it before switching to my night time makeup. The same for concealer – I would choose a concealer that has longevity, covers everything that has to be covered and doesn’t fade throughout the day. To set it all in place I would go for No-Color powder, a little bit of bronzer and very natural pink-toned blush. All the products I decided to use creates a picture-perfect complexion, which is definitely needed in Las Vegas! 🙂


For the eye makeup I would go for light dust of warm brown shades, to create a little bit of depth, give a little definition + tiny bit of sparkle all over the eye lid. But before all that – good eye shadow base is a necessity. I thought for quite some time about liner choice…If you have seen my makeup looks, I guess you have noticed that I LOVE gel liners. Though, for daytime makeup and soft look I decided to grab a kohl pencil and smoke it out a bit.  For brows I would do my daily steps – fill them in with pencil and set with clear gel. For lips I would go for nude color or mauve. AND – not a lot in jewelry, so that it doesn’t ruin that minimalism and softness in makeup.

And then my night time makeup switch…


Bolder, golden and smokier. You can never go wrong with golden bronze colors and red lips 🙂


As my base would be still perfect, I would only need to add deeper and darker eye shadows, contour and highlight, switch to red lipstick and lock it all in place with setting spray! That’s all 🙂 This transition to night time makeup was pretty quick. I used dark warm brown eye shadow in the crease, blended it out with lighter brown shade, added grey+black+deep brown shade in the outer V and dabbed on shimmery gold and bronze color all over the lid. Oh, and of course – jewelry switch too. I went for pretty big hoops that went together with my whole makeup look.

That’s the comparison/switch side by side 🙂


The way I decided to do my makeup for Las Vegas theme might be totally different tomorrow and that’s the coolest part in makeup and fashion too. It changes together with you mood, inspiration, experience, feelings, emotions etc.etc. So this is how I felt Las Vegas now and I hope you liked it 🙂

Now I kinda feel sad that I am not able to actually visit that place, so if you have a chance – do that. There is so much to see 🙂 check out the great Las Vegas hotel deals to make your staying there full of exciting experiences. You can also check out the different hotels, pictures and read Vegas Insider tips and so much more. Even if you are not going there, it’s interesting to explore it 🙂

Live for this moment, not past or future. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy it 🙂

See you guys in my next post, but while it’s cooking, let me know (if you want ofc 🙂 ) what would you do if you would have to create your day-to-night makeup and where you would put the biggest accent.

~Marika ❤


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