Colourpop cosmetics – Super Shock eye shadows and Lippie Stix

Hey! There is probably noone who haven’t heard of this brand, but not everyone can get their hands on their products, cause they do not TEND to ship internationally. The reason I’m saying – TEND  to – is because they time to time offer that, but for limited time only. Few days ago such deal poped up again and even FREE international order!!! If you live outside US and Canada, but you want to get their products, subscribe to their newsletter and/or follow their Instagram page, where you can get this information 😉
Ok, enough rambling – let’s dive into shades I picked up  🙂

I got 3 Super Shock eye shadows and 2 Lippie Stix. It was so hard to pick from those all possible shades, so I decided to go for seasonal colors. At that point – fall/autumn.


DRIFT – true cranberry shade in a pearlized finish
PARTRIDGE – saddle brown undertone with a green duo-chrome finish in pearlized finish
KEAPOP CRENSHAW – true warm brown shade with matte finish (was limited edition)

Drift and Crenshaw in real life look exactly as in the website, but Partridge was totally off. The reason why I decided to pick it up is because I always check swatches of products I am planning to buy. There I saw how stunning is this color, which absolutely didn’t show up in the website’s pictures.

Texture of these eye shadows are so unique! It’s like a super soft and silky cream. Pigmentation once swatched with a finger is CRAZY pigmented. Though, with a brush (synthetic one) it doesn’t come out as pigmented. You have to build it up few time to get the same intensity. But as all people who have tried these eye shadows are saying – it’s better to be applied with a finger right on the eye lids. Of course, it won’t work if you are working on a client, but of course it depends on the situation 🙂 You can easily build the color up, but I won’t recommend to build too much.

2 things to keep in mind: 1) close the lid very tight, to prevent from drying out; 2) if it falls down, it might broke easily, but don’t worry. Just put a paper over and press it in with a finger and you will be covered 😉


BRINK – warm dusty taupe in a matte finish. Curated by @brittanysuleiman. Inspired by the insta-famous Kylie lip
TAURUS – mid-tone yellow brown in a Matte finish. In collaboration with Kathleen Lights.

I don’t agree with the shade description in the website for the BRINK Lippie Stick. It is more a mauve pink shade. In the website it’s swatched on the lips too and it looks like it has a hint of taupe/brown, but it doesn’t look like that. You can check in the swatches below.

Texture for these are super, super creamy. They glide on very easily and I really enjoy the shape of this lipstick, cause it’s super easy to apply it on the upper lip, cupid’s bow. I would not recommend to apply several coats of this, cause, first of all, the pay-off is extremely good so you don’t need more than 1-2 swipes, second of all – the more you apply it, the crumblier it can become. Don’t get me wrong! It’s not crumbly at all, but as it’s super creamy, you can easily get such outcome 🙂 It is pretty long-wearing and feels very comfortable on the lips.

Here are the swatches of all the products:


Maybe the duo-chrome eye shadow is not picking up enough, but it’s super cool color 🙂

I am very happy about all these shades and products itself. I think you can’t go wrong with 5$ for good quality product. I would always recommend to check out some YouTube videos with swatches (several, so you get the right understanding about the shade) and by those – pick the ones you like more 🙂

Ok, guys! See you later 😉
Bye, bye for now.



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