My first time ever reviewing nail polishes in my blog, which means – they have been doing more than good 🙂

I had never been a crazy nail polish girl, cause I’m a bit lazy to do my nails. But when I do them, I want my nails to stay 1 week until I switch to different color. Before I tried these L’Oreal nail polishes, I tried other brand polishes and they did ok, but the lasting power was not that good as well as performance. When I got the first 2 shades from these L’Oreal ones I knew that I will need to get other ones too. So here they are:


Description from L’Oreal website: Explore all 22 intense and captivating shades. A blend of precious oils and intense colour pigments, for sophisticated, powerful colours. With a patented flexi brush for the easiest, most precise application. The wide fan shaped brush with over 400 bristles allows for a precise and quick application to the nail and is drip-resistant to help achieve a perfect finish.

My experience with them: These are probably my favorite nail polishes from all the one’s I own. First of all – I love the packaging. It looks very expensive and luxurious. The next thing which is very pleasant – the fragrance. Even though is it pretty strong, it has like a little scent of Vanilla. Formula is super creamy and rich and the brush…It’s just like it’s described. It is not too big and not too small at all. I have pretty small nails and it perfectly fits to my pinky finger, so it’s not too big for it. It applies the polish super quick, without any bubbles left behind (which is a problem for a lot of nail polishes). With one dip I was able to cover my all 5 nails for one hand and I think it’s because of that pretty fat brush that helds inside quite a lot of product.

It dries pretty quickly and with 2 coats you are good to go. Except, the lightest shades, for which 3rd coat will be needed. Finish is very glossy and it lasts on the nails 1 full week. Sometimes even longer. And that’s what I enjoy in these the most. I have swatched all the shades I own onto cardboard, which, of course, is not showing 100% that true color that will show up on your nails, but it’s almost the same. Plus, it’s in one layer there.


Seems like it’s time to color those nails… 😉

See you in my next post 🙂 Have a good week ahead, guys! ❤ And, just a reminder, few days left till you can enter with your comment in my last post to be able to get free item from her.gearbest.com. It’s too easy to not enter 🙂



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