Hey! Another NYX product I fell in love with…I have used their Lip Lingeries for some time and enjoyed them a lot. It was the time to try out LID LINGERIE and see how they wear, how long, how pigmented etc. Good that I did, cause now they have become a staple in my kit 🙂


As NYX describes them, these are eye tints with delicate pearl finish. So there are no matte shades, only pearl ones. The texture of these are like liquid eyeshadow or lipstick – very creamy. It is so easy to apply directly on the eyes because of it’s applicator which has a little bit of bend, so it “hugs” the eyelid. With one dip you get enough product for both eyes, though I would suggest to apply on one eye, work on it, and then turn to other eye, cause they start to dry out as soon as you apply it. Don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t happen immediately. You have enough time to blend it out (if you want of course). That’s what I prefer – blend a little bit over my crease area and make sure I have the most pigmentation on the lid, closer to lashes. Once you blend it out, shimmers in the blended area are not as much anymore which, in my opinion, is super huge plus, cause it means – you can simply use only this product and skip transition shade.

These eyeshadows will stay on your eyelids ALL DAY LONG! Until you will take them off. Longwearing, comfortable, in nice shades, not too much shimmers. Just perfect 🙂 I wore the darkest shade all over my eyelid for about a week straight. I just couldn’t put it down. I got my eye-look so fast and so easy.

This is the applicator I spoke about + swatches…



I think the shades are stunning. I am eyeing on burgundy shade too, cause I think that would be another staple in my kit. I hope you liked this post and let me know if you are planning to get one or you have any eye makeup look using these. I would love to see them 🙂

Have an awesome week ahead, guys! 🙂

With love,



  1. Man arī ļoti patīk! 🙂 Man šķiet, ka šis ir produkts, kur ar minimālu piepūli var panākt ļoti labu rezultātu – diez vai kāds iedomāsies, ka ēnu uzklāšana un iztušēšana prasīja pāris minūtes 🙂 Man patīk lietot gan ļoti iztušētas (ļoti delikātam efektam), gan uzslāņotas, kad prasās ko smagāku un svinīgāku.

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    1. I think after placing “NYX” in my blog search engine my love to this brand will be more than noticeable 😀
      They are really working good on everything. There are products, that are not 100% worth to buy, but these are just few from enormous amount of products they have. 🙂 They are doing more than great 🙂

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