Hi! Not that long ago L’Oreal Lip Paints were launched and I am happy to see them also in Latvia. I got all the shades that are available in our market, except one lighter red shade which I thought I might not need. Though, there are more shades than these in USA or other markets. So these are the 5 I got:


These are described as very saturated, pigmented liquid lipsticks in matte and lacquer finish + designer applicator that help to diffuse vibrant, full-coverage color to lips.

Colors are indeed pigmented. Lacquer ones come out a bit more pigmented, because of the texture. Matte ones has more like that cream/mousse texture, lacquer ones – creamy and glossy. When I swatched all of them next to each other on the hand you couldn’t even notice which one has matte finish, which one lacquer. They all has that gloss, cause the matte ones are not very matte. They feel more like velvet, so it has a sheen too. They will not dry out to complete super matte finish. It’s pretty close to NYX soft matte lip creams, but these are a bit more pigmented I think.

Matte ones has very strong scent, which I personally didn’t enjoy that much, but all my friends and colleagues that has tried them said they really like it. So it depends on each of you, whether you enjoy it or not. Lacquer ones has just a little bit of sweet scent that I don’t mind at all. Matte ones also leave a little stain on the lips, which, you know guys, I really enjoy. But let’s jump to applicator and swatches now.


This is probably one of the best lip product applicators I have every experienced. It is not only curved inwards to fit perfectly to the lips, but also the other (straight) part goes a bit in a wider angle. Very thoughtful applicator.


You can see that the pigmentation is pretty nice 🙂 When they are swatched on hand, they look the same in texture, but as I said – they are not. I would recommend to always use a lip scrub when you decide to wear matte lipstick/liquid lipstick, cause also for these matte ones – if you have any patches on lips, after few hours they might become visible. But they feel very comfortable on the lips and wears for quite some time. These lipsticks do feel different on the lips then any other lip product I own, so if you try them out, you might not have something similar in your collection 🙂

Oh, and this is how your lips can look like after taking of the majority of the product off. I love the stain. It stays on the lips for a very long time too.


Do you own any color yet? What in general you think about L’Oreal Infallible line? Let me know in the comments section below.

Have an awesome week my dear friends 🙂




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