Eye shadows is probably now my biggest obsession now. I have a feeling that I can’t have enough of them. Some time ago I decided to try out INGLOT AMC PURE PIGMENT EYE SHADOWS, cause I heard few reviews, which where more than good. Now I know why 🙂


Basically, INGLOT AMC pure pigment eye shadows are highly concentrated loose colored powder that ranges from subtle to ultra-intense effects depending on application. The product contains sponge gourd oil and almost 90% pure pigment. Can be mixed with Duraline to create liquid forms of all pigment colors.

There are 2 grams of product inside, which is a lot, if we look at how “much” product you need for application. It’s so pigmented!!! with one dip in you are good to cover your eyelid. It glides on smoothly, there might be some fall-out, but it always depends on what kind of brush are you using for application. I made one dip in finger swatches:


The shades I got are Nr 68 (light sparkly golden green shade) and Nr 13 (light sparkly bronze shade). I am impressed with the pigmentation, quality, long-lasting power and that nice sparkly finish that doesn’t have any flaky sparkles or glitters that might fall on to your face. They glide on super smoothly. I haven’t tried to use these pigments with INGLOT DURALINE (that I got recently), cause I suppose that would make this products to a whole another level. Even waterproof 🙂

I personally really enjoy these pigments. These are the ones I always carry with me for any photoshoot or filming, cause they look so flattering on the eyes. You can use more or less to control the pigmentation. I actually just posted one picture on Instagram where I have that green golden shade all over my eye lids:

I would totally recommend you all to try at least one shade. They also have duo chrome pigments and body pigments that are even more loose then these.

Have a nice day guys 🙂




  1. Es šajos pigmentos iemīlējos Lauras Valutas meistarklasē, kad mācījāmies vakara grimu! Mani mīļākie ir duohromie toņi, jo kalpo par lielisku akcentu. Tā gan arī vēl neesmu nopirkusi, bet tas ir tuvākajos plānos 🙂

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