Testing out skin care products: BIOTHERM Aquasource cream and LANCOME Hydra Intense mask review

My skin type changes due to weather and I think for most of you, it’s the same. In spring/summer/autumn I have combination skin type, but in the winter time – more to dry/normal. This year I had a lot of dry patches on my face, so I wanted to try out new skin care products meant for dry skin, but excluding very oily products. These are the new products I tested: BIOTHERM Aquasource face cream for dry skin and Lancome Hydra Intense mask.


Biotherm Aquasource face cream for dry skin claims to provide 48H hydration, boost skin natural water reserves, making your skin water-plumped and radiant. I have also BIOTHERM Aquasource face cream for combination skin so I can truly say – there is a difference. What I do enjoy in this cream the most – it absorbs into my skin super quickly. I hate to wait when cream will sink into my skin, especially, if I am applying it for the night.


It has a gel type of consistency, but in the same time – also creamy. Something in between. It has a very unique scent, for me it reminds me of juniper or algae, but it’s hard to determine. My skin does feel moisturized and water-plumped. I wouldn’t say that for 48H, but half that time – for sure. I do enjoy this cream and I might get another one once I finish it.


LANCOME Hydra Intense mask is meant for normal/combination skin. This also has gel consistency (which is the best consistency for those, who have combination/oily skin) and it claims to “quench the thirst” of even the most dehydrated skin. With extracts of “Imperata Cylindrica”, an incredibly drought-resistant southern plant, this mask helps the skin to maximize its level of natural hydration. Leaves the skin velvety smooth, fresh and drenched in water.

From my personal experience I could say that some kind of hydration was there, but it didn’t felt anything special. If it’s a mask, especially from high-end brands, I am waiting for something incredible, that daily moisturizers do not provide. With this one I am still figuring out if I like it or I just CAN use it.


You have to apply a thick layer on dry skin and leave it on for 5 min. Then remove the surplus product with tissue (do not rinse). This is the point were I am the most confused. Application itself is very easy, but after 5 min it completely absorbed into the skin and left sticky felling on the face. So you can only stick that tissue on your face not remove surplus 😀 Maybe I am not doing something correct, though, there are not that many steps… I personally sometimes leave it on my face during the night and rinse it off in the morning, but in most cases – after 5 min I use micellar water to take it off, hoping that my skin took everything it could from this mask. Overall, my skin feels plump after and that’s the positive side. About hydration it’s hard to say, cause it doesn’t feel so, but I guess it works. If I am striving for that super moisture, I prefer to go with GARNIER TISSUE MASKS (review here).

I like both of these products, but I still have to figure out that mask. For now I could recommend Biotherm Aquasource for women till age 30, cause after 30 we might already need something a bit stronger than only moisturizing.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what are your thoughts on them 🙂

Have a nice working week ahead 🙂




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