MAYBELLINE PALETTES: Master CAMO and Color Drama Lip Countour Palette

It’s time for some palette reviews. This time – from Maybelline. I got these 2 palettes not that long ago and had a chance to play with them a little bit to already have my opinion about them. First about MAYBELLINE MASTER CAMO PALETTE

As you can see this palette consist of 3 sections: correct, conceal, highlight. Correct section consists of yellow shade (perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins, and under eye circles) and green shade (neutralizes the color red, which is why green concealers are wonderful for getting rid of any redness on your face). Concealer section consists of lighter and a bit darker peach shade (this color mostly is perfect for people with darker skin tones looking to hide dark circles or other spots with deep discoloration, though, these are not super dark, so you can hide the shade with full coverage concealer on top). Highlighter section consists of one light pinky shade and one pinky sparkly highlight shade. As I have more neutral undertone I don’t see myself using the pink shade to highlight, cause it counteracts with the warmth that I have in my skin tone. Sparkly highlight part I might use, because it has pink and gold tones. Though, I prefer champagne tones for highlight not pink or bronze. But I can always figure out how to use product 🙂

About the texture – they are very creamy and enough pigmented, which I really like. There are some correctors that are thick in consistency, hard to blend, they crease easily – and that’s only because of texture. These ones you can use very sheer or build them up. Perfect for beginners especially. I personally struggle with color correcting in general. Somehow it comes out super hard for me to cover that one tiny red pimple just with corrector and concealer. It stills peaks through, even if I have set it with powder before 😀 a lot to learn 😀 But anyway, I like this product. Plus it’s compact and it has applicator inside too, which is actually very nice one and I always use it. These are the swatches…

And this is the lip palette. I was pretty sceptical when I got it, but I was so pleasantly suprised how good it is. There is no reason to describe each shade, because you will see the swatches down below, but to point out the difference between red shades: in the upper line there is bright red and orange shade, in the second row a tiny bit darker red shade and pink toned red next to it. This palette is also divided in sections, but of course, you can use these lipsticks in the way you want. Combinations with outer darker line and lighter inside color are cool, but I will provide you swatches purely for each shade. Before I go to that I want to mention that I really like the quality of these lipsticks. It’s so easy to apply them, especially, with the applicator that comes with this palette. They are creamy, very pigmented, you almost don’t feel them on your lips + they stay put for pretty long time. They don’t dry out my lips either. I really really like it. Maybe one minus is missing mirror, but that would make it not so money-friendly for everyone. AND the highlight part is actually super cool idea, cause it simply changes the way your lips look like. Small detail, but pretty nice. I will have a picture below too. So, swatches…

In the last picture I am showing you the difference with highlight in the middle.

Let me know what are your thoughts on these products and I will try out now my new Loreal corrector palette so that I could give a review on it too and maybe compare it with this Maybelline one.

Have a good week ahead friends ❤



3 thoughts on “MAYBELLINE PALETTES: Master CAMO and Color Drama Lip Countour Palette

    1. Yes, they are super creamy 🙂
      About similarity – kinda, but not totally. Especially, when it comes to lipsticks, they are so different between L’Oreal and Maybelline. So it really depends.


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