ZOEVA Matte Spectrum Palette + Brushes

As soon as I saw in ZOEVA newsletter their new Matte Spectrum palette I told myself – I am getting it today! And that’s how it happened 😀 I was always seeking for interesting matte colorful shades, but none of the palettes provided that. Except this one. Together with palette I decided to finally try out some of their brushes too, and I am telling you – I have no idea why I waited that long to try them. They are amazing! But let’s go piece by piece.

This is the ZOEVA 234 Luxe Smokey Shader brush. It’s flat, but not too flat and it has a C shape form. This is PERFECT not only for applying color all over you eyelid. It is also working perfectly for the crease or for smoking out lower lashline. It performs nicely 🙂 It has super soft natural-synthetic hair mix, helping to mix colors and apply eye shadows very easily.

This is ZOEVA 235 Contour Shader. After 1st time of using it I knew I will never put it down. This brush now is essential in my makeup application 🙂 It has the perfect angle to create V shape contour, draw nice and soft line in the crease and easily smoke out lower lashline. I also like to use this brush for creating line from the outer corner towards my brow tail, that way I can get the perfect guide for my eyeliner as well as know the edges, which I shouldn’t overstep. This brush has soft vegan taklon hair.

First picture is under artifical lighting, the other one – in natural lighting. As the name already tells – this palette has only matte eyeshadows. Orange ones has that warm undertone, but all the other are more neutral. I won’t say they are cool, better – in between. Shadows are nicely pigmented, very soft to the touch as well as on the lids. Have you ever had an experience with matte eyeshadows that look very muddy, a bit ashy and not even? With these – you will never get such bad result. These look so soft, blended and even throughout the day. There is nothing bad I could say about it. No fall-out too 🙂

This palette probably is not that easily wearable on it’s own, but at least you will have complementary shades, or simply – colorful shades to change your makeup look into something more fun and artistic. I have swatched all the shades starting from the lightest row to the darkest.

I think it’s very visible how pigmented these shadows are. Will definitely create makeup looks using them. Overall I am more then impressed with Zoeva products and I can’t wait to have more from it’s range, cause the quality is very visible and that’s the main point for me.

See you in my next post 😉



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