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Natural lookHi!

At first I would like to introduce to myself. My name is Marika. I was born in Latvia and I still live here, although, my wish is to travel around the world, live in different places and learn about various cultures.

During my life I have had many hobbies. Two of them were dancing and singing, because through music I could really express myself. Right now I have found myself in the Makeup Artistry and the Art of Photography. As it is my passion right now I am working on it to become a professional. For that I have created this blog to share with you my recent work and thoughts about beauty industry.

I’m constantly checking new products that are launching in the Market, different make up techniques, skin care options etc., to be up to date. There are times when a lot of information is lacking, or I have different experience with some kind of products or I just want to share my thoughts with someone. In my Blog you will be able to find reviews on beauty products, practical information/my experience of how to take care of your skin, makeup look and pictures from the photo shoots.

I hope you will find here something useful, inspirational and interesting. If you have any feedback to me, any question or suggestion – feel free to contact me. I would love to be in touch with you, help you out if needed or even learn from you, because there is lot to learn in this world and I am open to get as much information I can.

Thanks for checking out my blog! I am looking forward to see you here again 😉

Yours sincerely,

contact me: marika.purena@gmail.com

facebook page: Beauty by Marika 


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