NYX Matte Liquid Liner

Hey! Today I want to share my thoughts on the NYX Matte Liquid Liner. I have been searching for a very nice liquid liner for quite some time. I don’t like the felt tip liners, cause once the product is almost out, there is no color in the tip and you can’t make a nice winged liner. So I always preferred brush tip liners, but you still have to find the one that won’t smudge and budge all day long. I think I have found the one!!! 🙂

NYX Matte Liquid LinerNYX Matte Liquid Liner 2NYX Matte Liquid Liner 3NYX Matte Liquid Liner 4

As you can see in the close up pictures, this liner is matte and very black. You can easily create a very thin line. From the day I bought it I have tried it on myself and two other girls for photo shoot and it’s just amazing. It is so easy to work with it, cause the brush is not too long or too short, it’s in the perfect length to be able to control it while applying. It stays put all day long, doesn’t smudge or flakes or cracks. It’s amazing! I checked reviews in Makeup Alley and the average mark was 4.6 from 5. Seems like I’m not the only one who loves it 🙂

It dries matte pretty quickly about what I was a bit stressed about in the beginning, because I thought I won’t be able to add more layers on top, cause I have experienced flaking and cracking when I used other matte liquid liners. With this I could add as much layers I wanted and it looked perfect. If we talk again about smudging – after I did that picture of swatch, I waited a bit and then tried to rub it of with my fingers. NOTHING happened! There was no sign of moving. It’s like a glue 🙂

Price in my country was 7.99 EUR, but in NYX website it’s 7$. I think this is an awesome price, cause the quality is amazing and it lasts all day 🙂 I absolutely recommend this product to everyone who prefers matte over shiny liquid liner.



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